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I have a race traitor Asian friend who, when I asked him why he was always mooning over sylphlike Caucasians and not taking advantage of the Mt. Fuji-load of Asian lady attention he was getting, said, “Oh, I’m not attracted to Asian women.”

I was dumbstruck (not too difficult, actually). I mean, I can understand not being attracted to women from Florida, but Asians? All Asians?

“Well,” I said when I recovered the power of speech. “What about Mika Tan?”

“That doesn’t count,” he said. “Everybody likes Mika Tan.”

Mika Tan was the first porn star I ever met, even before this December, 2005 photo from a KSEX interview, where she was promoting the movie “Atomic Vixens: Escape from the Valley of the Sluts!”

KSEX doesn’t exist anymore, nor is “Atomic Vixens” director Ron Royster an intriguing presence in Porn Valley (I miss him dearly, but am so glad he’s not here). But Mika Tan, no longer a fixture at the Bunny Ranch, is still being juicy professionally.

It is a testament to my admiration for Tan that it was only today I realized I could totally see up to her colon in this picture; at the time I was only looking at her eyes.

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  1. “…not taking advantage of the Mt. Fuji-load of Asian lady attention he was getting….” Ingrate bastard–some of us would sacrifice appendages/testicles/years of life for such a gift.

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