MontagFoto 5.7.12—The Education of Lux Kassidy

Fiat Lux Kassidy
Missy Monroe was wrong, and I didn’t want her to be right.

It was May, 2006, and we were on the set of Vivid’s “Lux’s Life,” its showcase for newly-minted (Girls Only) Vivid Girl Lux Kassidy. But you’d be foolish to think that the person for whom the movie is named should be in all five scenes, so Monroe was there for a Boy/Girl tryst with Christian X.

As the blowsy and floppy (and I say this as a man who likes Blowsy and Floppy, and would name pornographic cartoon rabbits Blowsy and Floppy if only I could draw) Monroe regarded the trim and virginal Kassidy, the former said, “She’ll be doing double anal by this time next year.”

Six years later, I can affirm that Kassidy (she got her first name from Kirsten Dunst’s character in “The Virgin Suicides”) has never done anal—single, double, triple or otherwise—in a film, and whatever she does in her personal life is her own goddamn business.

I think some porn performers—like Missy Monroe—should perform anal. They should do it three or four times a day. And it is right that they do. But some should not.

It would be like killing a mockingbird.

You’re right, Scout. If the mockingbird represented anal virginity. And if it does, I had better call up my ninth grade English teacher.

As the afternoon progressed, Lux and I watched as Monroe was railed by Christian on a barbecue table. It was sloppy, and I think Ms. Kassidy made some decisions that day, and has stuck to them.

“I do not want to be the type of Porn Star who has to worry about getting A-1 in my labe,” she might have said, or “Girls-Only is like the Timeshare demonstration of porn; you can still back out with only minimal threat to your well-being.”

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