MontagFoto 6.13.11—Ava Rose and Alexa Jordan

You know who throws good parties? Larry Flynt.

While everyone will agree that the best poorn party in recorded memory was that which Michael Ninn and Eddie Van Halen threw for the release of “Sacred Sin,” Mr. Flynt is no slouch, arriving to Hustler’s 35th anniversary party at a hangar at the Santa Monica Airport in his Gulfstream.

On hand at this July, 2009 event were Ava Rose and Alexa Jordan, who joined dozens of other naked and be-glittered starlets just to stand there and breathe. I felt like I was in a good version of “Caligula.”

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  1. ‘I felt like I was in a good version of “Caligula.”’

    Flynt 1, Guccione 0.

    I’ve not yet seen Caligula, though it is apparently out on Blu-ray now. I saw Salon Kitty for the first time recently, and though the English-on-English overdub was beyond annoying, it was quite the cinematic experience.

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