MontagFoto 6.20.11—Audrey Hollander

Thoughts of my own mortality aren’t usually what pop up when confronted with the image or the person of Audrey Hollander, but this picture from the set of Hustler’s “This Ain’t I Love Lucy XXX” (I’m fairly certain that’s what it was called) made me think of Time’s Winged Chariot.

It’s not that the photographer on set that day, Richard Montfort, is dead. Hollander herself is alive and kicking, preparing to relaunch her website and still doing five to eight movies a year. No, it’s that the “Lucy” movie was shot in September of 2008 and I remember thinking, “How long are these parodies going to continue?”

That was almost three years ago. That I directed a porn movie of my own two years later, for about half the budget, makes me a little chilly. I did it as a lark, not as a great new source of income. This weekend I was talking with a director friend who said he got offered a budget of $13,000 for a full-length, original movie. Were he to take it (and he probably will), everyone will be working at a pay cut that will, by the next movie, be the standard rate.

The press release will be flogged to as many mainstream entertainment commentary sites as possible, but when the movie is released, even the torrent numbers will show a diminished rate of return.

So No, no one is going to die. But I know more than a few pornographers who’ve moved back in with their parents.

At least Audrey Hollander looks good.

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3 thoughts on “MontagFoto 6.20.11—Audrey Hollander

  1. Is porn really dying, Gram? What, besides buying massive amounts of the stuff, can we do? Is there no hope?

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