MontagFoto 6.27.11—The Curious Sofa

With apologies to the late Edward Gorey, there are a lot of curious things going down on this sofa that even its occupants can’t quite put together.

For one thing, we’re on the set of “Not The Cosby Show” and the only black person we find nearby is Dick James, parked in the crotch of an apparently disinterested Jenny Hendrix. Of the two, it appears that only James is having regular meals.

But that’s all right, because we have Sarah Vandella before she was Sara Sloane and before she was Sarah Vandella again, tongue-wrestling with Lana Violet. The manipulation of time seems to be clogging Vandella’s synapses.

This is just one of the thousands of photos taken on a porn set that get discarded, but I feel that, like this entire MontagFoto series, each picture represents a Greater Truth. Today’s Greater Truth has something to do with how some people pay too much attention to the camera, and others just don’t pay any at all.

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  1. Gorey reference FTW! Actually, “The Curious Sofa” is an appropriate reference–it’s a rather filthy (if completely discrete) little tale. Come to think of it, why the heck isn’t “This Ain’t The Curious Sofa XXX” in production somewhere?

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