MontagFoto 7.19.10

In terms of their greater pornic context, I couldn’t care less about feet or footwear. I don’t understand foot fetishes and I don’t understand why people have more than three pairs of shoes.

Yet here I am about to tell you about the day Alexis Texas walked in wearing a thin blue summer dress and neon green socks. All I could do was to talk to her about them. Was she sad that I didn’t talk about her ass or boobs? If so, she didn’t let on, and hid her big round tears.

“I’ve always liked socks,” she said. “I buy them whenever I can. I like really bright ones.”

Yes,” I said, writing everything down. “You are wearing them. The socks.”

“And then I take them off,” she said.

Just the way she arranged herself made me think of an updated Rosasharn Joad wearing the castoff rags that made her that much more accessible. It made me want to put one in her Cannery Row after I fund out where the Gapes of Wrath were stored.

Oh, and also: “The Big Lebowski.”

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