MontagFoto 7.30.12—Rain on the Scarecrow, Oil on the Carpet

Everyone involved in pornography has made a series of choices. Some stand by these choices, others regret them. Still others deny having made them. Kagney Linn Karter and Kristina Rose are professionals and they have made the world a better place with their nudity.

But what about the rugs?

On the set of Zero Tolerance’s “Lesbian Oil Orgy” in 2009, Rose and Karter emerged from a dressing room where they would join a salon full of greased naked ladies, including Phoenix Marie, Sophie Dee, Lisa Ann, and Ava Rose. There they would fuck on tarps.

But in the complex economies of American Pornography—the Amazon wishlists, the leased BMWs, the discount DVDs, the institutional piracy, the Sharpies and postage, the melon body spray—there has never been an accounting of the money spent on Baby Oil for Lesbian Oil Orgies or for the steam-cleaning of transitional carpeting.

Despite the very real and pleasant substance of Kristina Rose’s ass and the KLK’s breasts, both are comparatively petite women with tiny feet who would take great care not to leave a trail of oil, and indeed they didn’t. But there are liquid tons of Baby Oil, unguents, lubes, and jellies consumed, slathered, and otherwise applied yearly in Porn Valley, and that which doesn’t disappear up folds and cracks or absorbed by errant, illegal pubes gets on the rug and the couch.

However you choose to think about the human cost of pornography, that First Amendment issue playing out in the moist dark places of women, don’t forget about the carpet.

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  1. I’ve always wondered about that — the cost of cleaning up after the porn shoot. Since most porn is shot in private homes rented furnished for the purpose I assumed that someone had to come in and clean up afterwards.

    I imagined strange scenarios of crime scene cleaning companies coming in to remove all traces of left over lube and body fluids…

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