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Here is Mika Tan dancing for the opening credits of Ron Royster’s 2006 smash “Atomic Vixens: Escape from the Valley of the Sluts!

The Ron Royster period in American Pornography was one of great upheaval and promise that ended both too soon and not soon enough. Royster is an amicable genius who steamed into Porn Valley like the Hindenburg and the Titanic, creating lasting impressions for everyone he met. I both miss him and am glad, for his sake, that he is long gone and back in North Carolina.

I thought of Royster this weekend while I was sitting at the Peppermill Lounge in Las Vegas. It was at the Peppermill in 2007 that Royster turned to me and said, “Gram, I am the Foghat and Nazareth of pornography, and will never be appreciated in my time.”

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  1. You know, I like Mika, but her boob job makes me a sad panda.

    “Atomic Vixens: Escape from the Valley of the Sluts!” sounds fun. Might have to find that somewhere.

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