MontagFoto 8.13.12—Claire Adams opens up

Claire Adams and Ernest Greene
Rigging, the bondage community’s term for the art of tying up a partner in an aesthetically-pleasing and safe way, is not an easy skill to develop. Claire Adams is one of those expert riggers who happens to look really good doing it.

On the set of Adam & Eve’s “Perfect Secretary” in April, 2009, Adams teamed with Justine Joli who, for her part, looks really good being trussed and violated. Director Ernest Greene has used the pair several times in his movies.

Claire Adams and Justine Joli

In Greene’s excellent “O” movies you can see Adams and Joli performing similar roles. It would be interesting to see Adams as a mincing ingenue or Joli as a shrill harridan, but that it not what America has come to expect of these ladies and, in such tenuous social and economic times, perhaps we should stick with what comforts us, and that, apparently, is a Claire Adams who frightens us and ties us up.

Claire Adams and Kayden Kross

Still, I can’t remember what any of this has to do with a secretary. But it is not lost on me that Adams meted out justice to women with both alliterative and alphabetical porn names. Would that Linda Lovelance, Memphis Monroe, and Natasha Nice had also been there.

I also don’t know why I am interviewing Adams and Greene with a Hitachi Magic Wand.

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