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Few porn stars, let’s face it, look better five years later, but there are a couple of advantages that today’s Joanna Angel has over her younger self.

  • On that day in June of 2005, Angel was visiting from Brooklyn rather than from Woodland Hills. Conservative estimates say that it takes nearly three weeks to get the New York off of you
  • She was on the set of Eon McKai’s “Kill Girl Kill 3” in the city of Vernon, one of several cities in Los Angeles County zoned almost exclusively for industrial use. Even the city’s Wikipedia entry reeks of despair: “Meatpacking plants and warehouses are common. No parks exist in the city limits, and stretches of grass are rare.”
  • Despite all the meatpacking plants nearby, there were no craft services to speak of

One upside to that day might have been Angel’s introduction to James Deen; Angel and Deen are one of porn’s longest-lasting couples.

Angel has always been a darkly exciting Jewtastic dynamo, but I think she looks better today.

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  1. Having passed through and/or waited for a bus there, I can honestly say that Vernon has an… interesting… smell.

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