Nadine Sage is not just some pubic hair, damn it

Nadine Sage, selling windowseats
Nadine Sage, selling windowseats

It is one of those gauzy, New Sensations days when only being fucked in a window seat will do. Nadine Sage ups the property value with the veiny Bruce Venture.

2013628nadinesage15On this Vaseline-spattered day, Nadine Sage lounges in a padded window seat, slowly removing a white bra and panties set. With each bit of clothing doffed, we wait for a surprise. After all, she has a pair of belly button studs—a pair!—so surely there must be something going on beneath the swimsuit area.

And there is. This lovely, dewy woman has soft, upturned breasts with big nipples, and a ripe, blushing Greater Pubic Area straight outta early-80’s Penthouse.

The real surprise to this viewer, however, was Bruce Venture. At first I thought he was fucking her upside down, “Inception” style. The dorsal vein of his penis looks like the bulbourethral artery of everyone else’s.

But everything turned out O.K.

It’s important, now, to say that the movie in which this interlude took place is called “The Hair Down There.” While it’s true that Sage does have a landing strip, no one in his right mind would ever say, “Oh My God—you should see her pubic hair.”

While we’re here, let’s talk about pubic hair on men in porn.

I’m kind of waiting for guys to be relieved of the No Pubic Hair mandate, frankly. Unless he’s got a pronounced dorsal vein, no one is really looking.

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  1. Good to see Nadine doing well!! Her nickname back in the day on was “Puff Mama”, due both to her puffy nips and to her propensity to sample weed.

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