Neither Jethro Tull nor 38 Special expected this “Teacher” (but maybe The Police did)

While it’s easy to guess what will happen from the boxcover of a porn movie called “The Teacher,” in which Tommy Gunn holds up the academic standards of Paisan Community College, actor/director Nica Noelle throws in a couple of fun surprises in this very satisfying movie.

Studio: Sweet Sinner
Director: Nica Noelle
Starring: Nica Noelle, Tommy Gunn, Raylene, Drew DeVeaux, Courtney Page, Jessie Andrews, Wolf Hudson

Maybe teacher Tommy Gunn is wearing a suit and tie to his first day on the job at what appears to be a community college full of highly sexualized teens who’d rather fuck than read, but we can tell the vaguely-oily teacher would rather live the diaries of Anais Nin than teach them.

In a classroom of F-getting, underachieving, and 40-percent-ESL students, Gunn solicits favorite authors. One likes Nin, the other Tolkien, another Hunter S. Thompson. Drew Deveaux plays the timeless punk kid who sneers “Kafka.”

The question becomes, “Which one will Professor Gunn fuck?” We have already seen the lack of esteem in which he holds “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” in a scene with Jessie Andrews.

But for all of the verisimilitude Gunn brings to a character at that level of academia, the coolest scene is between wayward Wolf Hudson, the ravishing Raylene, and Noelle herself, who plays a timid administrator.

Like Noelle’s other movies, there is a quality to “The Teacher 2” of soap operas, something about the combination of sound, lighting, music choice, and heightened drama, and it’s fun to watch this unlikely 3-way simply because it’s easy to imagine a junior college administrator wanting that very thing.

“The Teacher 2” is also one of those rare porn movies that gives the audience a little payoff at the end (hint: it doesn’t involve a quick load on the face and a fadeout).

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  1. I dunno, Gram- “Jump up/Look around/And find yourself some fun” seems to fit, likewise, “Suntanned/Drink in hand/And lying there in bed”

  2. The blonde (in the first pic) with the beauty mark: I’ve seen her elsewhere, I think she’s Russian, and I must have her–or at least an audio-visual simulacrum thereof. What’s her name?

  3. I’m going to ask the director. There were people in this movie who didn’t have sex in this movie for various reasons, and so went uncredited. (Glad your commenting ability is now resolved, by the way—I swear I didn’t do anything).

  4. Thanks, I’ve tried to identify her before to no avail. (Also, the issue wasn’t exactly resolved. I believe there’s a max post size, but when you exceed it, you’re not so much informed as you are simply cock-blocked and the page merely reloads, sans comment. Try again, copy-and-paste style, and you’re rewarded with “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!” I was too lazy to enter into a trim/retry/reject cycle, so I moved on.

  5. Gram, did you ever get her name? I don’t suppose anyone else knows the name of the blonde in the first picture?

  6. Good sleuthing Norm! This is what I got from the director when I related your question back in July:

    “You know what, I can’t remember that girl’s name. I’ll have to look it up. She was a complete dud of a performer tho, as was the other Eastern European blonde, and that’s why their scene was reduced to a fantasy sequence. I wanted to tear my hair out.”

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