Nina Hartley’s heart-shaped ass as a fundamental human right

Nina Hartley donated some ass-pinkening for the greater good last weekend at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Foundation’s first Los Angeles fundraiser, which featured a great deal of leather and people practiced at wielding it.

The Woodhull Foundation embraces the idea that sexual freedom is a fundamental human right, as opposed to something that is only granted with the purchase of a BART pass.

“Mistress Shae Flanigan’s Academy is the perfect setting for such a party with a well equipped dungeon filled with all types of exotic instruments of advanced instruction,” said WFF spokesman Jim Rea. About 40 people attended the event in Flanigan’s downtown floggodrome.

I asked Rea to describe the event in the parlance of sexual freedom.

“Woodhull Board Member Carol Queen did a captivating reading of one of her erotic stories about the sublime mindspace of bi/gay boy sex,” Rea said. “Ernest Greene shared with us his perspective of being kinky in a straight (but evolving) world over the last several decades followed by a D/s demonstration with his lovely wife, Nina Hartley.”

But what about Lamalani, International Ms. Leather?

“Lamalani, International Ms. Leather, flew in from Seattle (compliments of our sponsor Babeland) to perform for the audience and she did a fireplay session with Mistress Shae’s boi [redacted] followed by a series of charity fireplay demonstrations with members from the audience,” Rea said. (I beieve “boi [redacted]” refers to a person.)

“Last up was another Woodhull Board Member, Nina Hartley, who volunteered her internationally famous heart-shaped ass for several charity spanks,” Rea said.

I understand that the patient and generous Hartley allowed several re-dos for people too tremulous to land a slap the first time.

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