Of the “Slutty And Sluttier,” who is the sluttiest?

Sometimes I forget that one of pornography’s many functions is to be viewed instructively by people who might not have arrived at the idea of piledrivers, creampies, and fishhooking on their own. To those people I say, “If you’re dubious that a little slapping around is OK during intimate relations between people who love each other very much, watch a Manuel Ferrara video.”

Studio: Evil Angel
Director: Manuel Ferrara
Starring: Skin Diamond, Lou Charmelle, London Keyes, Alexis Texas, Katsuni, Manuel Ferrara, Rocco Reed

There is a reason why women like working with Ferrara. It is the same reason that women like working with Belladonna: Both are rough, but both know what they’re doing.

In the five scenes on “Slutty And Sluttier 14” (four of which he appears in), Ferrara and partners London Keyes, Skin Diamond, and Katsuni practice some vigorous, slap-happy sex that never blurs the line between fighting and fucking; instead, they show that the rough stuff is a delicious part of a healthy relationship.

The setups are inventive and compelling: Keyes masturbates to porn playing on a huge flatscreen, unaware that she’s being filmed; Lou Charmelle (who happens to be female; I saw the name in the credits and assumed the guy who ran the catering truck had made a cameo) surprises a naked, post-rubout Katsuni in a hotel room, warming her up for Ferrara, and Skin Diamond paints a dangerous picture as a bright ball gag sets off her mocha skin.

The other scene finds Alexis Texas doing everything she can to get the attention of Rocco Reed. Oddly enough, it is this one scene that doesn’t fit. Not because Texas doesn’t look fucking delicious (she does) or that Reed delivers a bad performance (he doesn’t), and not that this scene wouldn’t be the best in a hundred other movies released this month, but because it is the one pairing on “Slutty And Sluttier” where we have to suspend our disbelief: why would Alexis Texas have to convince anyone of anything?

If “Slutty And Sluttier 14” is any indication of the other movies in the series, you should probably buy all of them. Then you can show them to your reluctant wife or girlfriend (Ferrara is easy on the eyes, and speaks French better than Jerry Lewis—in fact, his scenes over the years with Katsuni are classic bits of French erotica that leave all 32 “Emmanuelle”s in the merde) that yes, Honey, sometimes women do enjoy being fucked that way.

Sadly, I don’t find any of these women—except one—slutty. Slutty seems to be a choice, and these women look like they were put here to be exactly who they are. It is Skin Diamond, all tramped up in her bondage ensemble, who alone looks slutty

Buy “Slutty And Sluttier 14” here

While we’re here, no use of the word “French” can be permitted without a nod to this Orson Welles video:

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