"Okay, Mystery Caller, deal me in": On the set of Asia Noir 6

“How do you squeeze 100 pounds of genius into a 75-minute movie?” asked writer/director David Aaron Clark of the universe. He was on the sweltering set of Asia Noir 6 in downtown L.A., watching through monitors as Mr. Marcus, playing hardboiled detective Trent, give the business to a woman named Coco Velvet playing Lana, the bedeviled proprietress of an import/export business.

Tonight she was to import both Mr. Marcus and a huge strap-on dildo.

It was the final three hours of a two-day shoot in a studio/loft space in the Repo Man section of downtown. The story of Trent’s search for a demonic trinity played alternately by Destiny, Ange Venus, and Myla Montez (pictured below), Asia Noir 6 is also the first big movie for hapa ingenue Velvet.

“‘Hapa’ has come into parlance among Asian-Americans to describe all manner of half-Asian mixes,” Clark said sagely.

Half-breed, that’s all I ever heard!
Half-breed, how I learned to hate the word!
Half-breed, she’s no good they warned!
Both sides were against me since the day I was born!
– Cher, “Half-Breed”

Trent had been searching the building in a daze all night, guided by cryptic phone calls leading him ever downward, Lana, naked on a couch, first dreams of the policeman and then gets sodomized by a succubus, which is not to be confused with this.

Clark has made his career directing stern, eerie Asian titles and, though he appears as a pirate in Digital Playground’s upcoming Pirates 2, he has never once directed Jesse Jane in a movie.

As she cooled her heels between her scene with Mr. Marcus and Destiny the Strap-on Succubus, Velvet curled up on a leather couch, slowly melting into it. When the strap-on came out (or, more to the point, went in), it tested her resolve.

“That’s a little too big,” she said.

“Do you need something smaller?” Clark asked.

“No, but let’s get this done fast,” she said.

It was not done fast. But you will not be able to say when Asia Noir 6 is released that Velvet did not earn her money that day.

By the time Trent realizes that the building he is stalking through is a den of demons, it is too late. Destiny morphs into Myla Montez, who morphs into Ange Venus, who has become Clark’s (and Max Hardcore’s) go-to-person to represent what the Pixies called an erotic vulture.

Venus then does something to Marcus which is prohibited by most international treaties.

In the way that the Japanese have been able to turn watermelons square, perhaps 100 pounds of genius can be squeezed into a movie. Asia Noir 6 will be out in time for AVN nominations this fall.

See the Asia Noir 6 backstage gallery here

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