Padded Kink: Hefty Honies Humiliated Halfheartedly

Helena and April Flores

What is it about uberzaftig women that makes us want to bind and beat them? Is it the way their flesh overwhelms the ropes that strain to contain it, that whack-a-mole persistence of undulating skin thwarting anything seeking to keep it at bay? Is it the satisfying sound of fold slapping fold?

Kelly Shibari, founder of Padded Kink, a site where fans of sassy, juicy women can go to see them put in their place by other sassy, juicy women, offers no explanation.

Gram: What is it about roomy women that makes us want to pummel and bind them?

Shibari: Interesting – I hadn’t heard us being referred to as “roomy” before.

Gram: I got it from Jame Gumb.

Shibari: A lot of BBW lovers like the look of larger gals in bondage – something about how it creates additional curves that can’t be made with thinner performers, I suppose. I haven’t done much in the way of pummelling, so not sure about that particular fetish.

Gram: Why is it more fun to pummel and bind a zaftig princess than her wraithy counterpart?

Shibari: I obviously don’t advocate going around punching chubby chicks without their consent; They might punch back, and that might not be what you want. But with consent, I’d suppose that it’s similar to a cat kneading your tummy…it just feels good, and it probably feels better than kneading something bony…

Watching movies like “Padded Submissives” and “A Night at Kinky General,” in which the heavy prey or are preyed upon, we are left with more questions than answers to ruminate on.

Kitty Stryker and Cinnamon Maxine

Yes, ruminate. As in what cows do. In one scene in “Padded Submissives,” Cinnamon Maxine is outfitted with a cowbell by Kitty Stryker, who also tapes a Post-It over Maxine’s mouth reading “Good Girls Don’t Mooove.”

Gram: Considering the laudable trend of body type acceptance, why does a BBW-oriented company perpetuate the characterization of larger women as cows?

Shibari: …

Gram: Are you saying I need to come to my own conclusions but that—perhaps—people shouldn’t be so goddamned outraged over everything? That one way of taking power away from detractors is to use their own tools against ourselves and, emerging unscathed, win?

Shibari: …

All of the scenes from “Padded Submissives” and “A Night At Kinky General” have a sense of fun about them. Oddly enough, the one exception is a scene in which a thinner “boi,” Oliver Hyde, is submitted to a barrage of tests by Goddess Helena (aka Mommy Fiercest).

Oliver Hyde and Goddess Helena

Gram: Are you saying that thin people don’t know how to have fun?

Shibari: …

Scrooge: Ghost of the Future! I fear you more than any spectre I have seen. But as I know your purpose is to do me good, and as I hope to live to be another man from what I was, I am prepared to bear you company, and do it with a thankful heart. Will you not speak to me?

Shibari: …

Left to figure these things out for myself, I got the most enjoyment out of a scene between April Flores as a cheating student and Helena as her whip-cracking headmistress. I liked this scene because Flores was sexy and bratty independent of any label, as was Helena.

I think one of the appeals of BBW porn is that its performers come to the genre having had no choice but develop a personality, and it is always the attitude that makes a porn scene. The attitudes of Flores and Helena eclipse any porn niche they might be in.

And that is why I appreciate that Padded Kink doesn’t treat anyone too harshly—that might be an added meaning for “padded.” There’s so much surface area that it seems wasteful to get all clinical with it.

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