Palin in comparison: Raquel Devine ups the ante in “Rode to the White House”

Sarah Palin has done more for the porn industry in these past few months of economic turmoil and uncertainty than Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco combined (in all things, let us avoid hyperbole).

“I feel really good about this/I wouldn’t have missed this,” said both Lisa Ann and Raquel Devine, both of whom inhabit the role of a Republican Vice Presidential nominee in dueling movies from Hustler and, respectively.

Palin: Erection 2008 is the second movie to feature a female politician from Alaska mixing her sexual ambitions with her political ones. And, unlike Hustler’s Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?, this movie uses unobfuscated spellings as well as introduces porn versions of Barack Obama and John and Cindy McCain.

“We are legally bulletproof, because it’s a parody,” said a production assistant who called himself Gutzen Stein, who clearly didn’t read the parenthetical warning in the first paragraph.

Raquel Devine, 41, plays Sarah Palin in a script that features some of the same tropes as Hustler’s but benefits from Devine’s extraordinary improvisational skills as well as Steve Driver’s spot-on, reserved, head-forward impersonation of Obama.

The shoot took place last week in a familiar house overlooking Chatsworth and West Porn Valley.

Devine retired from porn in 1999 as a blonde. “I wouldn’t have come back if it weren’t for the cougar movies,” she said.

Oddly enough, Devine belongs to the porn talent agency operated by Lisa Ann, who played Serra Paylin in Hustler’s spoof.

“She (Lisa Ann) didn’t even tell me what part I was playing when she booked me,” Devine said. “I showed up on set and [the cameraman] said, ‘There’s Sarah Palin’.”

Devine returned to the adult business in August after stints as an escort, as a white collar worker at a prestigious aerospace firm and, shockingly, as a one-year resident of the State of Idaho.

(“I was with somebody from the Chicago Bears,” she explained.)

The script of Palin: Erection 2008 follows Palin as she is picked by the McCains and schooled by them in proper Vice-Presidential etiquette. Alana Evans plays Cindy McCain.

“I haven’t seen Raquel in ten years, since she was as blonde as I am,” Evans said. “Well, I was always more blonde.”

Evans performs her first anal scene in three years for the movie opposite (or, at least, at the other end of) Mark Davis as John McCain.

Evans was voting for Hillary Clinton and said she thought of voting for McCain “for a millisecond” when her candidate was not nominated. But now she is an Obama supporter, though she nevertheless believes the Bradley Effect is true.

“But at least I admitted I had my doubts,” she said. “Not like people who say they’ll vote for Obama but won’t.”

One great thing about the Paylin/Palin movies is that they have cast many older performers. I took this opportunity to get what I think is an excellent definition in context of milves vs. cougars.

“A MILF is the mom you want to fuck,” Devine said, looking me directly in the eye and making me feel, er – what is the opposite of uncomfortable? “A cougar is a woman over 35 who’s predatory and coming looking for you.”

“So a MILF is passive and a cougar is active?” I said.

Very active,” she said. Then she mentioned how Drew Barrymore, only in her early 30’s, calls herself a puma.

By this definition, it doesn’t matter if a cougar has children so long as she is the one making the moves.

Palin also meets Barack Obama when he surprises her on a wolf-shooting spree, and he doesn’t need much convincing to accept her polling invitation.

I don’t know who I’d give the edge to between Lisa Ann and Raquel Devine, but Devine seemed to be having a lot more fun on the set, and she made the crew laugh several times.

Both of the Cougar-in-Chief movies are being marketed vigorously and, by virtue of the immediacy of interest (sales will probably drop sharply after the election), are using the Internet as the main driver of business, with DVDs to be released later.

In the case of Palin: Erection 2008, scenes will be available on starting at noon on Tuesday, October 28, with new ones being added every few days.

Adultspoof is a project of several companies, starting with a Delaware-based and Tustin, CA-headquartered VC group called Adult Entertainment Capital, which has to date funded several websites and owns a part of the gentlemen’s club magazine Stiletto.

They even funded me, by mistake. I was halfway down the road with $95,000 and a case of Red Bull before the P.A. stopped me.

The presence of venture capital firms (another is AdultVest) in the adult world might be a sign that, of any industry, porn is still seen as a low risk. On the other hand, it’s not as if a porn company is going to go to a bank. VC firms don’t need to justify their moves as much as a bank does.

Rock Candy Entertainment is a Portland, OR-based portfolio unit of Adult Entertainment Capital, and it serves as the production wing of that company. Brookland Brothers, also of Portland, is a production house that is currently editing the scenes and hosting Since Brookland Brothers needed local talent, Dick Tracy’s Stonegate Media was called in, and Tracy is listed as the director of the movie with Sean Brookland as the producer.

Because Brookland is from Oregon, he told me how much the movie cost right away.

“About $24,000,” he said.

A quick calculation (seven cast members, two anal scenes, two days at an expensive house, two production assistants, two round trip tickets from Oregon, publicity, meals, building a site that is, at this writing, not even up yet, editing, still photography, two cameramen) made me think that $24k was a low figure. A Los Angeles company would give me a high figure so I would say things like “Whoa!” and “I guess I was wrong when I thought you were a bunch of losers.”

But maybe people are donating resources because it’s time someone said something.

Brookland occasionally flies to Los Angeles to direct movies, but has a roster of Pacific Northwest talent as well.

“We get people from Craigslist a lot,” he said, “because there are no talent agencies up there. A lot of women come to us in the last three or four days of the month because they need rent. We get some strippers, some escorts, some girls who don’t consider themselves to be in ‘the industry’ at all…”

I enjoyed the tranquil Oregonian atmosphere on the set, and would move to that state were it not for the constant precipitation from Darklady’s Masturbate-a-thons.

The Palin: Erection 2008 shoot took two days, and the tapes were flown to Portland on a 6:55 p.m. flight. Veteran performer Davis rolled in on his Harley to be John McCain. Also featured are Trina Michaels as an intern, Jada Fire as Michelle Obama (she played “Condi” in the Paylin movie), and Derrick Pierce as Joe the Plumber.

Hustler’s movie might have a finite return on investment if McCain/Palin do not win the White House on November 4, but the Adultspoof crew shot two endings for their movie which, if current polls remain accurate, only means good things for Steve Driver.

“I’m voting for Obama anyway,” he said.

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