Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge

Studio: Digital Playground
Director: Ali Joone
Cast: Jesse Jane, Shay Jordan, Evan Stone, Jenna Haze, Katsuni, Steven St.Croix, Tommy Gunn, Belladonna, Stoya, Riley Steele, Ben English, James Deen, Sasha Grey, Gabriella Fox, David Aaron Clark, your mom, Shyla Stylez, Shawna Lenee, Abbey Brooks, Brianna Love, Brea Lynn, Rhylee Richards, Charles Dera, Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara, Marco Banderas

Men coming on each other; Jesse Jane pulling a Belladonna on Belladonna; Wholesale Chinese and Armenian stereotypes; David Aaron Clark eating a turkey leg; Slavery; The delightful squishiness of Shay Jordan (not to be confused with this); About as many sex scenes as there were men on the Edmund Fitzgeral; And “The Biggest Adult Production In History.”

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Here’s how much money went into “Pirates 2.” When I opened the 4-disc box, three crisp hundred-dollar bills slid out. There was a code on Disc 1 that allowed me half off a 2008 Saturn Vue at the Porn Valley Galpins. There were free helicopter rides to the Van Nuys airport, and either Stoya or Riley Steele is contractually obligated to deliver your “Pirates 2” personally, wearing nothing but your family coat of arms or company logo bodypainted across her eager frame.

But I only speak from personal experience. Your mileage may vary.

A movie of excesses, “Pirates 2” is also an earnest attempt to be a family comedy – much like the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies were, except with rimjobs in it. There are portions of the script devoted to loyalty, believing in oneself, and sticking up for friends that would not be out of place on “Hannah Montana.” That these elements appear discretely between scenes of guys coming on each other (just from a porn angle, “Pirates 2” is dirtier and riskier than your average mainstream adult movie) was an uncomfortable marriage of childish themes with very adult ones, as if Digital Playground were trying to let the Sarah Palin demographic know that fisting was “super.”

The first joke told by anyone who writes about porn (and a joke he is under the mistaken impression of thinking he has invented) is the one about the sequels. It goes like this: “Whoriental Sex Academy 4 addresses the vital questions left unanswered by Whoriental Sex Academies 1 through 3.”

“Pirates 2,” on the other hand, really does pick up where its predecessor left off, cannily depending on familiarity with (and perhaps ownership of) 2005’s “Pirates” to figure out who “Serena” was and why Captain Evan Stone and First Mate Jesse Jane are searching the Caribbean for her. (Just so you know, Serena is Janine Lindemulder’s character from the original. She doesn’t appear, Jo-rel or Ben Kenobi-like, in “Pirates 2,” however).

An adventure that leads from Jamaica to the (Armenian owned and operated) slave markets to the high seas to the netherworld, where Katsuni’s magical Blue Pearl reanimates Tommy Gunn’s Stagnetti, “Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge” really is all over the place, and anyone who expects the story to make sense is, I guess, expecting too much. Ditto for the CGI. The pirate hunters’ animated ship moves through animated water, leaving no shadow and displacing none of it. The massive worm slain by Belladonna is about as realistic as Jesse Jane’s boobs.

But if the big effects are not even to the standards of late-night Sci Fi Channel fare, the sex and the scope of “Pirates 2” are far beyond what you expect and deserve as average porn consumers. You expect an awful porn script? Here you get one that actually expected something of the actors. You expect scenery chewing from the men? Evan Stone and Steven St. Croix ably comply. You want Jesse Jane and Belladonna to fuck the living daylights out of each other? Check.

Not only that, but the strenuous sex scenes we saw in the theatrical (yes, “Pirates 2,” like its predecessor, debuted in a theatre) release are extended in the DVD set. So the thrill you got to see added footage of Minas Tirith when the “Return of the King” Extended Edition came out you can now feel when you see even more of Belladonna’s colon.

But in other areas the sheer quantifiables of the movie are distractions. The Stagnetti of the title is, despite Tommy Gunn’s performance, useless. He appears toward the end and, as it turns out, anticlimactically. Katsuni’s incoherent black widow character was both evil and had boobs. Stagnetti wasn’t necessary. The same goes for Sasha Grey. Sure it makes sense for Sasha Grey to be in the biggest porn movie of the year, but her presence and character are as tacked on as when everybody in class has to be in the school play, so suddenly Snow White has 40 dwarves.

And why was Shay Jordan not listed on the box? Her performance was wonderful. And why was Stoya only in a group scene? Both are criminal acts. Further inexplicability is achieved in non-speaking, non-fucking roles for Ange Venus and Adrianna Nicole (“I fell asleep on set,” Nicole said.)

Regardless, we persevere. We remember that “Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge” is a porn movie – and an excellent porn movie – with all the usual limitations even if, as shouted from the boxcover, it is “The Biggest Adult Production in History.” We still have four DVDs worth of delightful, turgid nudity.

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