Podcasts I Have Known: WoodRocket And Sex Nerd Sandra

Sandra and GramThe acoustically-pleasant wood floors, the sun coming in from the balcony over the ossuary across the street, my dog keeping silent watch from the couch. These elements were in place during two very enjoyable podcasts I participated in recently, with my Canadian friends from WoodRocket and with “Sex Nerd” Sandra Daugherty.

I am late to the party on podcasts. I did one for a few months in 2008 but it became for me one of those things that I also did, like any number of speculative projects one does for free with the hope that it might turn into something. Later I got into a couple of them, Mike Duncan’s fantastic (but finite) History of Rome and Marc Maron’s often-brilliant WTF. But podcasts are, for me, unlike radio, something that I must make time for, as much as I enjoy them when I do make the time.

I may also feel this way because I’m getting old (I am 23).

Anyway, Lee Roy Myers and Sethsbeard from WoodRocket came by and we talked about me being Gram and them being them. I hold them in the highest regard as professionals in the porn business and as gentlemen.

Listen to the WoodRocket podcast here.

Then Sex Nerd Sandra came over and we recapped a night we spent together in Las Vegas recently. No, we did not sleep together, but it is not too far-afield to imagine a podcast in this hyper-confessional mediated world in which transient couples give play-by-plays and discuss their feelings about their one-night trysts (holy shit what a good idea — for someone else). Sandra’s podcast, like Marc Maron’s, puts her in the story. Luckily she is such a delightful individual that the story is often better with her in it anyway. But we did address a subject I like to call Sex Educator Serious, which is a vortex of humorlessness at the center of what should be a joyful place.

Listen to Sex Nerd Sandra’s podcast here.

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