Porn’s Most Outrageous Outtakes 3

Studio: JM Productions
Director: Jim Powers
Cast: Ashley Blue, Tobey Pacific, Armani St. James, Missy Stone, Dirty Harry, Melissa Juliana, Missy Monroe, Kylie Ireland, dozens more

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“She had the intellect of a seagull,” Powers says of Armani St. James, one of several women who endured a porn scene – which she was informed about and which she signed off on – but who nevertheless had every embarrassing instance of self-doubt immortalized and repackaged for this DVD.

No amount of sweeps week special reports, Showtime documentaries, “Pornutopia”s, or “Real Sex”es convey an aspect of the porn world’s inner workings better than a single slipshod Behind the Scenes featurette on a Jim Powers video. A seemingly calm eye of the storm, Powers nevertheless attracts and exploits such volatile elements for his movies, including the “American Bukkake,” “White Trash Whore,” and “The Violation Of…” series, that there is more than enough fodder for these hypnotizing trainwrecks that are his “Porn’s Most Outrageous Outtakes” movies.

Though this episode could have used some pruning, Powers still proves an excellent Master of Ceremonies for backstage fights, attacks of nerves and, in one horrifying sequence, spraylets of diarrhea.

“Is it too much to ask to not eat a Whopper before a scene?” he asks.

There is also Powers take on why performers do what they do and why they are who they are. On tattooes:

“I feel that tattooes cheapen the whore. When a girl gets tattooes on herself, you can no longer suspend disbelief and believe this little slut is an innocent little girl. Instead, she looks like a Philadelphia biker slag.”

You may think that Powers and crew are misanthropes preying on the drug-abusing and poorly-educated short-timers in the adult business, those upon whom every stereotype is based. And that could be true. But it is also true that Powers is working in porn and isn’t in control of your mortgage. That should help you sleep better.

That said, this edition relies too heavily on unedited (and sometimes boring) footage already available on the DVDs. The “Outtakes” angle is a great wraparound money-maker but, since I have already seen some of the movies excerpted (including the shocking BTS of “The Violation of Kylie Ireland”), I wanted a little more insight or at least something I hadn’t seen before.

Unless you get off on uncomfortable situations (like, if you masturbate to Larry David), you will not find this collection sexy, though there is plenty of nudity, fluids, and the old in-out.

You will instead find in one convenient package a real understanding – with thoughtful narration – about why porn might not be for everyone and how, at the end of a harrowing scene, the tears and vomit of a performer might be the very things that market the movie.

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