PowerGirls!: BritPorn from the Other Side of the Load

PowerGirls100How do the British celebrate the weekend after Thanksgiving other than with the faint satisfaction of having dodged a bullet? Well, after a vigorous rogering, a beachfight, a bracing moustache wax, something involving Emma Bunton, and a solemn, warm, tip-free toast to the Queen Mum during DORA hours, well, the British love their pornography.

“PowerGirls!” is a low-budget and well-intended series that will feel right at home with fans who think the new version of “Dr. Who” is putting on airs. Featuring Tanya Tate, Kerry Louise, Syren Sexton, and the fantastically named Lolly Badcock, “PowerGirls!” is broadcast on the UK’s TelevisionX,  a channel on the Sky Network.

Their fights inside rooms filled with cartons with creatures that might make Daleks blush pale in comparison to the saucy barwenchery of Tate and Badock, both of whom would make Graham Greene more ambiguous about his Christianity.

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