[PR] B. Skow lightens Vivid’s load

The Hand of Skow

It is rare that pornographers announce that they are leaving a company, but last week’s announcement by Allie Haze that she is no longer with Vivid paved the way for today’s notice from B. Skow.

Skow’s left hand is seen on the right breast of Chloe Kez in an installment of his “Brand New Faces” series.

Vivid has shed the likes of Eon McKai and Paul Thomas in recent years, and has radically curtailed its contract star program. Things haven’t been cushy in the porn business for a long time, but the departure of Vivid’s last contract director is a sign that things are changing even faster.

It seems less a matter of rats departing a sinking ship than it does a simple acknowledgment that porn’s money is no longer in original, feature-length content or contract stars, but in celebrity stunts, marketable one-offs, occasional Octomom stalking (though Wicked seems to have won that battle), and the compilation and recompilation of Vivid’s (and Skow’s) sizable back catalog.

Skow is a very funny and talented director. He leaves Vivid to launch Skow Digital.

The following is a press release reprinted to enlighten non-adult industry readers about how the porn business talks about itself. It was written by an adult industry marketing professional.

Director B. Skow Cordially Departs Vivid
Under His New Studio, Skow Digital, the Awarded Director & Photographer Gains Creative Control!

May 21, 2012 — LOS ANGELES, CA — Adult entertainment director B. Skow is cordially parting ways with Vivid Entertainment. After a relationship spanning almost 20 years, the award-winning director is eager to branch out and begin directing projects on his own terms. The launch of his new studio, Skow Digital, will allow B. Skow full creative control and ownership over his future projects, from story-driven features to gonzo, vignettes, and niche porn.

For B. Skow’s complete filmography on IMDB.com, visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2139773/.

“My first time ever on a porn set was 20 years ago when I caught a glimpse of Janine and Julia Ann shooting a box cover for Vivid,” states B. Skow. “From that moment, I was hooked. I am eternally thankful to Vivid for helping me grow in my career. I greatly appreciate all the knowledge and experience I gained.”

Originally a renowned photographer for popular celebrity and adult magazines, as well as Vivid, B. Skow began directing adult movies for the famed studio in 2005. Over the years, B. Skow has earned an impressively diverse number of award nominations from AVN and XBIZ, including Best Director and Best Screenplay, as well as noms in categories including blockbuster features, amateur, gonzo, parodies, and vignettes. AVN has presented B. Skow’s movies with awards for Best Three-Way Sex Scene, Best Celebrity Sex Tape, Best Pro-Am Series, and Best Pro-Am Release.

AVN founder Paul Fishbein praised B. Skow in his 5-star review of the feature blockbuster “The Condemned.” Fishbein wrote, “An epic adult movie with a social and political conscience…A modern classic that should stand the test of time.”

“Sometimes a change is needed,” continues B. Skow. “I want to be able to continue to challenge myself with new concepts. The opportunities available to take my career in new directions are exciting. My studio, Skow Digital, will allow me to produce the porn I’ve always wanted to.”


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  1. Dammit, when I saw Kez’s photo I thought there was a return being announced.

    Anyway, I hate when disembodied male hands that aren’t actually part of the scene (a la POV) grab at the women or are overly-chatty (both of which seemed to happen with the Skow work I’m familiar with), so meh.

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