[PR] Melina Mason will be the hottest fishwife you know

Melina Mason retires

Melina Mason retires

I never had the opportunity to meet the lovely Melina Mason during her short adult career, but if I’m lucky there are some cockles and mussels in my future.

Mason has announced her retirement from the porn business, and from the looks of it, she’s leaving on her own terms, or at least owing no money to publicists.

Saying she had become “overwhelmed” by the demands of porn stardom and unable to separate her home life from her porn life, Mason stopped performing in December and now owns

…an apartment complex in northern CA and a seafood delivery company in NY.

She also says she wants to start a family some day.

It is rare that performers announce their retirement from porn in such a nice way as Mason has, if they announce it all.

I admire people who identify a problem and then create the means to solve it. I just hope she doesn’t similarly get lost in the world of fishmongering.

The following is a press release reprinted to enlighten non-adult industry readers about how the porn business talks about itself. It was written by an adult industry marketing professional.

Melina Mason Makes Her Retirement Official
New Businesses Setting Her Up for Family Life

VENICE, CA – After bursting onto the scene as one of the hottest young starlets of 2012, including nominations for Best New Starlet from both XBIZ and AVN, Melina Mason is ready to announce her retirement from the industry.

She actually stopped performing in December, but didn’t want to make the announcement until she had things going outside the industry.

“I had so many great experiences and met some amazing people, but I became overwhelmed,” she told her publicists this week. “I was shooting up to five times a week, doing interviews and appearances, traveling, going to porn events and my whole life started to revolve around work. I had a hard time separating my porn life from my real life. It gets confusing and honestly I wasn’t prepared for how to deal with it. The attention made me uncomfortable, I never wanted fame. I just thought I could get fucked by professionals and get paid for it. That’s all I was expecting out of this, I didn’t realize how big it was going to get.”

She continued that she “felt pressure from so many directions, I had a hard time staying true to myself. I was on set one day and I realized I didn’t want to be there. I would be doing the industry and myself an injustice just to show up for a paycheck. l pride myself on having no regrets in life so when performing didn’t feel good anymore I knew it was time to exit. Porn has helped me grow as a person and discover myself in ways other jobs cannot. I’m really grateful that I had so much opportunity in the industry, the whole experience was nothing short of fascinating.”

Now that she has left the industry she has set herself up as a franchisee in the vending business.

“I own an apartment complex in northern CA and a seafood delivery company in NY,” she says. “I’ve been saving and planning for these investments since I began performing. Ultimately, I want to get married and have a family one day. I am totally content looking after my loved ones and running a household. That’s why the businesses I’m involved in now generate passive income. I want to be a self-made house wife.”

She added that she would “really like to thank all the companies, directors, my publicists at Rising Star, and other talent for being given the chance to work together. Big thanks to the award shows for all. I appreciate everything I got out of this business and it changed my life forever. I will always have nothing but great memories of the biz. I’m still active on my Twitter @melina_mason and instagram @melinamason. Mason OUT!”

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