Puckered Up: The Anal Game Show

Studio: Hustler
Director: Richard de Montfort
Cast: Sasha Grey, Amber Rayne, Trinity Post, Maxi, Michelle Avanti, Missy Stone, Daisy Strong

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“Puckered Up” is an anal game show, but no one goes home empty-assed.

The setup is simple: five women compete for bragging rights in an anal match game that would even impress Charles Nelson Reilly. So if you like really clinical closeups of anuses that are as well maintained as they are capacitous (sometimes, as you may unfortunately know, the two don’t always go hand in hand), this is the movie for you.

For the rest of us, well, any chance to watch Amber Rayne work is worth the effort of not being the biggest fan of graphic studies of the movie’s hole of choice. But the scholar appreciates it the way one might not like opera but sure thinks those valkyries are hot.

Rayne performs her party tricks with verve and abandon, setting a standard almost impossible for Michelle Avanti, Trinity Post, and covergirl Sasha Grey to follow. Trinity Post is adorable in her scene, and Grey’s greenroom tryst with Daisy Strong is, if not the best work either has done, at least postmodern.

Speaking of postmodern, “Puckered Up” is probably the final movie of the late Richard de Montfort‘s to be released, though it was shot at various times over the past few years, as we can tell by the presence of Michelle Avanti, who left the adult business last year to become an anti-porn crusader. Her scene with a man whose dick looks like a full bladder is almost painful to watch, as she is clearly on (or off) her meds and because he has the habit of repeating “That’s nasty.”

“Puckered Up,” in terms of its game show theme, is a little scattershot, but for hardcore browneye fans this movie is a goldmine.

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