Rape Is An Elective at the “Obedience School”

Sex and theatre are all about how power changes hands, and we learn that this is necessary to keep an audience engaged. In Kevin Moore’s “Obedience School,” several people get their sensibilities upended. In the vagina.

obey20Studio: Evil Angel
Director: Kevin Moore
Starring: Bonnie Rotten, Dana DeArmond, Gia DeMarco, Lea Lexis, Maddy O’Reilly, Kevin Moore, Maddy O’Reilly, Kendra Lust, Danny Wylde, Chad Diamond

Director Kevin Moore stages several tales of status reversals and sex-as-theatre in this entertaining and unpredictable movie, though the first scene made me sad.

Teacher Kendra Lust stops two bullies from stealing Chad Diamond’s lunch money and porn collection (yes, porn collection). She places the toughs in detention, where she berates them. Then they rape her, but she likes it. She arranges for them to have the same kind of detention all year.

I had no problem at all with Kendra Lust getting the tables turned on her. I just didn’t think the ruffians should have been rewarded for stealing a porn collection. After they raped her, they probably went home and torrented all the DVDs.

The next scene features puritanical Danny Wylde chastizing his employee for her outfit.

“What is this prostitute’s outfit you’re wearing?” asks Wylde of Gia DiMarco.

DiMarco seeks counsel from coworker Bonnie Rotten, who is wearing this tight purple turtleneck whose only function is to arrest productivity.

“You need to turn the tables on him,” suggests Rotten.

“Yes,” DiMarco says.

The table-turning involves kidnap and rape. Wylde does a great job of inhabiting the role of a humbled holier-than-thou type.

“Lord, why have you forsaken me?” he cries, blindfolded and tied, as Rotten straddles him.

“Fuck your Lord,” says Rotten.

Dana DeArmond joins her “Eyes Wide Shut” friends in Scene Three, but my favorite sequence ends the first of two discs, and expands on Moore’s familiar POV work.

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Maddy O’Reilly starts her scene as the standard-issue Porn Valley bored housewife, that archetype we’ve come to expect who is both undeniably hot and domestic, yet who is ignored by her businessman husband (Moore). As he reads the paper, we see her dissatisfaction, and we just assume that she will have a great big blowbang as soon as he leaves for work.

But as he leaves, she stops him.

“Wait,” she says. “The safeword is ‘chocolate.'”

What follows is a day-long documentation of their roleplay, in which she is followed with a handheld camera as she shops, drives, and walks around the neighborhood. She is fondled during her nap, and then trussed, manhandled, and fucked.

Afterward O’Reilly says, “We didn’t even have to use the safeword.”

I appreciated the effort this movie made to keep each scenario different, even modifying the filming styles to maintain variety.

While I still think bullies should be punished, rape is wrong, and stalking is an invasion of privacy, at least no animals were hurt.

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