“Rawhide II: Dirty Deeds” – Hey lady, that’s not ranch dressing!

Studio: Adam & Eve
Director: Andre Madness
Starring: Bree Olson, Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone, Marcus London, Tony DeSergio, Alannah Rae, Tori Black, Nicole Ray, Jenna Haze, Angie Savage, Kristina Rose, Anthony Rosano, Ben English, Erik Everhard, Neil Delama

“Rawhide 2” is not clever, cute, or trendy. Instead, it is a surprisingly well-acted, competently shot, and tremendously marketable couples’ film that reminded me that porn doesn’t have to be thought-provoking to be entertaining, and that a simple good vs. evil storyline can, if placed in the right hands, pay off porntastically.

Sharing only a title and the presence of horses with the 2003 original, “Rawhide 2” opens with Kayden Kross galloping a chestnut mare through the dusty high desert scrub to the sound of swelling tin whistles, so evocative of the American West and hobbits.

The audience asks: When will she be naked?

The movie quickly establishes that Kross is a landed, but lonely, workshirt-wearing and proud country woman. She asks her ranch hand Anthony Rosano if he needs a lift, but he must attend to the needs of Daisy Dukes-clad Kristina Rose, who lets Rosano eat her out on a picnic blanket. Rose wears no shoes, the pioneer way.

It is perhaps for this reason that ice queen land-grabber Bree Olson’s henchman Marcus London kills Rosano. “A message to your boss,” he says. Kross, you see, is the lone holdout in Olson’s scheme to own the valley.

Meanwhile, Rosano’s boss is thinking about the good times: a hose-down by her late husband in the bed of a pickup truck. He executes a difficult and possibly uncomfortable side-saddle penetration, the way Lewis and Clark had to.

Her flashback over, she kisses his photograph, his come still pungent in her mouth.

Into this vale of sadness wanders Tommy Gunn, a drifter who is quickly set upon by Sheriff Evan Stone. For whatever reason Stone tells Gunn that the latter is not wanted around these parts. We get the feeling that Gunn has been told this all his life by people like Stone, and we wonder when Kross will be naked again.

Speaking of Kross, she encounters Gunn, like the Buddha, on the road. Director Andre Madness allows for silences and little bits of business in the movie, opportunities that others might miss. Kross drives past Gunn so, when her tires are shot out by Olson flunkie Tony DeSergio, Gunn walks right past. Why should he help her? This town sucks.

Had Kross been an unattractive woman, she would not have had the leverage to persuade Gunn to help. But she is, and she does, and she then offers the drifter a few days’ work. She opens up about her late husband, but doesn’t mention how he used to slap her ass. This shows restraint.

But Kross has needs, some of which are met by Sheriff Stone, who happens to be in league with Olson. This confuses Gunn, who watches from his straw bed in the barn. He wanders to the local honkytonk, where Olson, drunk with power, delivers a monologue about how she owns everything in town, including the drug and prostitution trade. Gunn remains indifferent, even as Olson commissions a live sex show for him.

Stone beats up Gunn, who decides that he can’t be a rolling stone forever. He must face his demons and make a stand! This is aided by the fact that Kross finally fucks him, which tends to go a long way. Gunn calls in his biker buddy Spider, and together they lock and load and prepare for the eventual onslaught of Olson’s henchmen.

While “Rawhide 2” is a simple story, characters are given certain twists that are risky. For example, Olson is utterly unlikeable in this movie until she takes her clothes off, and she fully commits to her ravenous bitch persona, ordering Ben English out of bed, for example, sexually accosting a resisting Tori Black, and seducing the Sheriff with her fantastic fleshy ass.

Gunn and Stone deliver measured and credible performances in this movie. Gunn is an excellent actor and Stone, who chews scenery every chance he gets, shows that he can rein it in when required. Olson does great work as a soulless nymphomaniac. Kross doesn’t have much to do except be at turns vulnerable and steely, but such is the plight of a protagonist, and she looks lovely rolling in the hay.

An excellent stock character performance is given by Neil Delama, who plays Spider as the quintessential tough guy with a heart of gold.

Problems surface when, occasionally, characters talk too much. It takes away from the pacing and doesn’t ring true to the taciturnity required of 1. a Western movie that 2. also happens to be a porn film.

And, while the narrative probably wouldn’t support a grudge fuck between Olson and Kross, the two never appear on screen together despite what is suggested by the boxcover (come to think of it, the boxcover also shows both a dog and a horse that never showed up in the film). This seems like “Rawhide”‘s one wasted opportunity.

“Rawhide 2: Dirty Deeds” (alas, Olson’s character is named Julia, not Deeds) is a confident and entertaining porn film. Its suburban couple and Middle America audience will love its familiar storyline, British villains, small explosions, pretty people, and the fact that the horse makes it out unfucked.

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  1. Hmmm, that one might go on the list. I enjoyed the first one quite a bit, but about three-quarters of the way through I started thinking, “Stop fucking already, I want to know whether she sells the ranch!” I’m not sure if that means it failed or not, but it looks like this one won’t have that problem.

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