Richard de Montfort’s Last Sitting

Richard de Montfort, who died earlier this month, directed Scarlett Fay as Lindsay Lohan impersonating Marilyn Monroe in a recreation of Monroe’s 1962 “Last Sitting” pictorial.

Of course de Montfort had Fay fuck her photographer afterward in “Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Story: Lindsay Lohan,” which may or may not have also happened with Monroe and Vogue photographer Bert Stern.

What is notable is that de Montfort died six weeks after shooting the Lindsay Lohan movie and Monroe died six weeks after shooting “The Last Sitting.”

“HUHS: Lindsay Lohan” was the final movie de Montfort shot, completing it in late May.

“Richard’s final and most recent project that he produced and shot was a group of internet scenes called HOMETOWNGIRLS.COM. It’s a collection of scenes designed for one of the many Hustler internet brands,” said friend and Hustler director of Creative Development Drew Rosenfeld. “We do have several other titles that Richard produced that have yet to be released. One project I know he was very proud of is hitting the streets September 8 called ‘Puckered Up.’ It’s an all anal movie with Sasha Grey.”

de Montfort, whose real name was Richard Monfort, had recently purchased a “dream house” in Burbank when he died. He was 53. He had not responded to calls in a week when Rosenfeld and Hustler National Sales Manager David Diamond drove to his home, where they found his doors locked but all his camera equipment in the back of his car.

“He would never have left all that gear in his car,” Diamond said.

After failing to get an answer, Rosenfeld called Burbank police, who later informed him that Monfort was dead. According to a relative, Monfort’s body was found between the couch and television. He had a history of heart trouble and heart medications were found in his home, including notroglycerin, which is used to relieve palpitations.

Monfort’s cause of death was Congestive Heart Failure, which is everyone’s eventual cause of death; Richard just eliminated the middlemen, which also made him an excellent producer.

Monfort was memorialized at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood, close to his house. Hustler publicist Carin Misterly said Richard would have appreciated the service.

“He’s in great company over at Forest Lawn,” she said. “His neighbors are Bette Davis and Liberace among many other Hollywood legends. Which I am sure he would love because he loved old Hollywood and the charm of classic film.”

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  1. Drew Rosenfeld probably stole the camera gear. He does stuff like that. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and that fat asshole Drew will die of heart failure. What a load he is. Die soon fatboy!

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