Run for the Border 3

Studio: Pornfidelity
Director: Kelly and Ryan Madison
Cast: Kelly Madison, Dillan Lauren, Mikayla, August, Tanya Hardin, Alexis Amore

Portions of this review originally appeared on Fleshbot

Riverside County power couple Kelly and Ryan Madison are celebrating their third anniversary with Alexis Amore, who Kelly calls her “favorite bridesmaid.”

“Isn’t the third anniversary paper or something lame?” asks Kelly.

I think it’s pussy,” says Amore.

Thus begins Run for the Border 3, a movie whose Latin flavor extends about as far as the title. Though the guest stars might be Latina (although Tanya Hardin might be Canadian, Who Knows?), the movie is more about the Madisons, whose amicable rapport is only strengthened by the presence of extra women.

Maybe it would suddenly get weird if Kelly started bringing guys home, but then I wouldn’t watch, either.

Next the couple meets bartendrix Mikayla, who is wearing the most tip-getting outfit I’ve ever seen. The trio fuck on the bar. Waitresses in Riverside County don’t exactly dress like Mikayla does, but she mixes a real martini and we can hear the bar’s air conditioning (and a phone ringing) in the background. So I’m thinking this shot of reality should boost tourism in that area, especially since Disneyland to the west has opened itself up to Section 8 housing.

“If you hold my titties I can fuck you harder,” Kelly suggests.

The next two scenes involve procuring someone for Ryan, and in the process we are treated to some outside views of the Corona, CA area, including its train station. While the extended setups don’t work as well as the first two scenes, they are still engaging; the outside world should be reassured that August and Dillan Lauren were not just “picked up” – they were HIV tested and determined to be over 18 before the cameras started rolling – but enough of an effort was made to make the scenarios seem impromptu, and indeed what wasn’t required by law looked improvised and natural.

Except for Ryan’s haircut in the Dillan Lauren scene. That didn’t look natural at all.

Finally, Kelly appropriates Tanya Hardin, playing a dental hygienist by day, stripper by night, to “whiten” Ryan’s “teeth” between jobs. They even got her dental hygienist scrubs.

I don’t know, but somehow I was left feeling that in that area of the 15 freeway, things like that happen all the time.

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