Sabrina Deep in Berlin: The Examined Vagina [video]

I am intrigued by and enamored of the very public pornstress Sabrina Deep because she is the real deal (not that I am not also fond of certain fake deals for their entertainment value, absorbency, and sponginess). We talked about her recent experience squirting for, and at, fans in Berlin.

“At one point I thought, ‘Should I be getting onto this stool in a doggie position and shoving a vibrator in me in front of these people?'” Sabrina Deep is saying. “But there was no reason not to.”

I like Sabrina Deep for a number of reasons. One that comes to mind is that I’d have no problem believing her as a Southwest Airlines ticketing agent with a secret. She doesn’t look at all porny until all her clothes are off and she’s conjuring loads from a dozen people at a time.

Another is that she articulates the exhibitionist side of her nature without sounding as if she’s trying to convince herself.

“Walking into that hall [in Berlin] was a huge rush,” she says. “You know, I was just at home the day before…it’s very humbling and flattering to have guys take the time to find out where I am and come see me.”

One reason for that is the show Deep puts on. Stationed at the Hotmovies booth, Deep was naked fairly quickly.

“[The Venus Fair] is my favorite show because it’s less showy than it is touchy-feely,” she says. “Certain American girls would do well there, but certain ones wouldn’t. It separates the wheat from the chaff. It’s very raw.”

In the video below, you can see Deep’s bare labia bathed in the warm, red glow of several camera phones, hovering inches away from that puffy faultline so many have parted. How does she keep her composure?

“I’m an extrovert,” she says.

I relate to her a quote I like about how the difference between introverts and extroverts is that an introvert goes to a party and feels exhausted afterwards whereas an extrovert goes to a party and feels energized.

“And that’s a quote?” she says.

“Well, it’s a paraphrase…”

I think it is Deep’s base-level understanding that things are going to be just fine that makes her so comfortable with strangers. It is also why she answered the following question, which was full of worry, as if the prospect hadn’t occurred to her.

“What do you do about [gangbang participants] who aren’t clean?” I ask.

“Guys are excited to have sex with you, so they are going to come prepared,” she says. “Arrive prepared, I mean.”

While the video below is not safe for most workplaces, I can’t help but think how accessible and wholesome Deep is, as if the filthiest thing one might consider doing to her pale frame wouldn’t horrify her, but instead flatter her. I’m hoping that the next time she’s in the States, we get to perform some kind of abomination.

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  1. ‘ “And that’s a quote?” she says.

    “Well, it’s a paraphrase…” ‘

    Looks more like an aphorism to me. 😉

    Her calling you on that has endeared her to me, as has her demonstrated ability to masturbate, fully nude, to–if not actual climax–“squirt,” mere inches from random non-porn civvies. Good times there.

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