Sabrina Deep’s intelligent design

Now and then, for a change, I enjoy seeing my friend Sabrina Deep without ejaculate all over her, so last night I visited her and Nicki Hunter at the legendary Porn Star Karaoke in Burbank.

The cosmopolitan Deep, who has lived in the U.S., Canada, Italy, and England, and has staged double-digit gangbangs in those countries and more, is in the States for a “Fan Bang” on September 25.

In the meantime, Deep is doing some light resistance training.

“I’m spending the next few days sleeping with individual fans before the big day,” she said.

I can’t tell you what the usual gang bang girl is, but it is not Sabrina Deep, even though she has done more than most. She is tall, gangly, almost translucently white, and in possession of a look that, well, makes one want to drop a load on her. But nicely.

I will be attending this gang bang. It will be my second in all my years of faithful porn hackery. After the first one, several years ago, I vowed never to go to another because:

  1. An improperly ventilated gangbang room smells like something that would give Temple Grandin, Upton Sinclair, and Julie Christie screaming fits.
  2. With all those dudes literally marking their territory on some quivering thing who sends out the mixed signal that she is everyone‘s territory, there is potential for violence. And if you’ve ever seen “Borat,” you just don’t want to fight a naked man.
  3. I’d want to participate, you know, just to fit in, and then I wouldn’t really be able to write about this stuff anymore. Everything I wrote in the future would be seen through the filter of “porn performer with a blog.”

But Deep is a different creature entirely, and I have a feeling her gangbang will be, as gangbangs go, genteel. That said, I wanted to jump the gun and shoot a hot ATM scene with her.

“Metro asked me if I wanted them to get the guys for the gangbang,” Deep said as she ladeled me a tureen of soup, as is her custom, “but I have to stress that I’m banging my fans, from my website, and these people have been with me for a long time.”

The lithe 32-year-old was dubbed “The Queen of Bukkake” by Howard Stern, and the dance card for her 40-person gangbang is quickly filling up. Go to MetroMovies to sign up and for more information.

It was great to look almost eye-to-eye with Deep, who in heels was about 6’2″. And it was kind of a spiritual thing, too, because I’ve always wondered what things looked like before the Big Bang.

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