Scenes from the class struggle of “Evil Elegance”

Pornographers who are gentlemen make compilation videos the way long-in-the-tooth musicians make Greatest Hits albums: by adding one new scene. That is why Kagney Linn Karter graces the cover of the comp “Evil Elegance,” a movie greater than the cum of its parts.

While most pornographers of all skill levels follow certain rules of position frequency, popshot angle, and scene length, I appreciate those who make what happens before the sex interesting. That is why Gazzman’s “Evil Elegance,” a movie whose title sounds – unfortunately – like a cross between Abby Winters and Cinemax, is otherwise an excellent film.

I called director Gazzman on the moors to congratulate him.

Gram: Were you worried that your film might be confused with the name of some catering company for bachelorette parties?

Gazzman: I feel that in this film we were tasteful in our depiction of buggery, fish-hooking, gagging and gang banging. We did refine these acts to produce an elegant blend of extremely hardcore sex set within a classic setting. 

Gram: OK.

I liked Gazzman’s preludes.

For example, Tony DeSergio is dropped off at a warehouse in downtown L.A. where he finds Kagney Linn Karter strapped to an examining table within. Loosening her straps, he fucks her. Wouldn’t you? Of course you would, dummy.

But I found myself wondering who dropped Tony off? Who is that person? The question did not distract me from the scene, nor did wondering who trussed the KLK to begin with. But I like that I was trusted with other things to think about.

Gazzman: Kagney is everyone’s favourite blow up dolly porn star: cute, sexy, very fuckable, and with realistic breasts, skin and hair, like a living porn dolly. And she’s brainy. I think she is planning a Masters in Advanced Photonics after she quits porn.
On set, she appreciated my glamorous assistant wiping Tony De Sergio’s ass whilst in flagrante. He seemed in need of a wipe so she was impressed by my attention to detail, although Jackie was less impressed when she saw I included it in the DVD extras.

The questions continue with Mandy Dee. There she is in a mid-priced hotel room, her husband asleep beside her, and she calls a male escort, who fucks her while her husband watches, and who then offers Dee back to him as if to the respected closer of a baseball game. The escort is paid in pounds sterling.

There I am thinking about Dennis Eckersley and the pound notes come out. How odd.

Gazzman: My vision was informed by recent visits to Tate Modern and the V(ictoria) & A(lbert) museums in London where artists such as Tracy Emin and Damien Hirst regularly challenge the norm.  In fact I would consider these films as pornographic expressions of the Stuckism Movement as they defy classification within any particular sub-genre.

Gram: While I don’t know who these people are and wouldn’t submit my readers to the result of my half-assed Google search to find out, I agree and am grateful that I could never classify your movies as “Emo.”

Each scene in the rest of the movie had a moneyed but corrupt air about it, especially when we consider the context.

There’s the virginal Paulina James, once porn’s next big thing (before she got pregnant and people began doubting her virginity) in a scene from 2007. She fucks the pornographer who is taking her still photos. At once we are aware of her youth, vulnerability, and the power of the people who sign the paychecks.

Gazzman: The class structure in Scotland is a given. Being Scots I am working class and therefore reserve the right to support the class system but in turn hate the upper and middle classes.  In turn I will shortly be making my own porn version of “Eat the Rich” which unlike an Almodovar version we will not actually be resorting to cannabalism but merely performing various acts of oral sex on substantially wealthy “Hooray Henry’s and Henrietta’s.”

The final scene features Maya Gates teamed up with the piratical Brian Surewood from around the same period.

Surewood went to jail a few months after this scene was shot, sent there for his part in a street racing-related death. It was good to see Surewood again, I found myself thinking, as if he had died. He was always a nice guy and I know he grieves daily for his involvement in the accident.

One of the side effects of watching a porn compilation is that you end up seeing ghosts.

This is why “Evil Elegance” was such a keeper of a porn movie; how often do you keep thinking about an adult film more than an hour after you’ve seen it?

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Studio: Harmony Films
Director: Gazzman
Starring: Kagney Linn Karter, Tony DeSergio, Mandy Dee, Stracy Stone, Paulina James, Maya Gates, Olivier Sanchez, Steve Holmes, Brian Surewood

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