“Sex Crimes” deserves a promotion

The real sex crime, of course, is how Vivid continues to hound poor trainwreck Nadya Suleman, but this excellent police porn involving the murder of Mr. Pete shows how good—and inexpensive— original porn can still be.

Studio: Vivid
Director: B. Skow
Starring: Mallory Rae Murphy, Angel Dark, Tommy Gunn, Sophie Dee, Mr. Pete, Nikki Jayne, Evan Stone, Johnny Sins, Monique Alexander, Jerry, Jon-Jon

Set up like a mass-produced “Real Cops”-style procedural, “Sex Crimes” follows LAPD detective Mallory Rae Murphy and her team through their investigation of the murder of Mr. Pete, an adult performer found dead in an alley.

With a ticking clock and an appropriate expository voiceover, this movie integrates sex so well within the framework of a titillating but pseudo-serious TV show that it predicts what prime time network TV will look like in a few years.

In the course of their investigation, the dicks interrogate (and fuck) Sophie Dee, interrogate (and fuck) Evan Stone and Jerry), and sift through porny clues that provide more opportunities for sex. Maybe they’re all a little dumb and hotheaded, but we think we’re watching real cops! “Sex Crimes” is very well done, both serious and silly enough to not be distracting either way, and a great idea for a series.

It’s a shame that Mr. Pete had to die, though.

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  1. You have the right to remain naked!

    Wow. I’ve been hit upside the head with the corny stick, haha.

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