Sex workers like bacon, can operate in small spaces

Activist and former sex worker (to me, she will always be a sex worker) Audacia Ray put together a public service announcement from this month’s Sex Work Awareness Media Training Seminar in New York. Featured are sex workers and former sex workers, including porn performer Dylan Ryan and Ray herself, making a series of brief statements that identify sex workers, in whatever form the work may take, as bacon-loving, dog-owning, sex-for-money-having people like you and me.

The use of humor is very important when activism is concerned. Of course, some activists should not use jokes at all (like, say, advocates for landmine victims) but, when appropriate, humor creates a bond between activist and audience and avoids creating an atmosphere of perpetual victimization that might turn people off.

Also, if anything deserves to be fun, it is sex work.

Reaction to the video has been mostly positive, though one person suggested that the part about loving bacon should be cut out.

“I love the video but the last comment was really distasteful. It doesn’t dispel stereotypes. Talking about loving bacon will only gross out vegetarians, not make anyone think that sex workers are diverse. I wish you would remove that last one and ask her to think of something more positive to say about herself.”

Case in point re: humorlessness. And since when has there been a stereotype that all sex workers are carnivores or that, to be successful, something needs to dispel stereotypes?

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  1. One day we will live in a world where “I’m A Sex Worker” and “Legalize It” PSA’s will fill our television screens. And then some pandemic flu or chemical warfare will wipe us all out. Right when things were turning a corner!

    It’s also weird that the bacon lover totally looks like she’d be vegan. I’m thinking she lives as a vegan and she’s confessing her love of bacon (by emphasizing the “really’s”) as her dark dark shameful secret. Like that’s a bigger deal than her being a sex worker.

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