She Sells Skanktuary: “The Cult”

While Harmony Films’ “The Cult” is neither David Koresh nor L. Ron Hubbard (unless you connect Tom Cruise via “Eyes Wide Shut”), no one can say that porn doesn’t have its finger on topical subjects.

Oh, the Texas sun
Make my back burn
Studio: Harmony Films
Director: Gazzman
Starring: Skin Diamond, Megan Coxxx, Linet Slag, Valentina, Yaiza Del Mar, Marco Banderas

Take a moment to look at the credits. Do you honestly think, Reader, that a porn movie starring a woman named Linet Slag could possibly go wrong?

In a richly-appointed but dimly-lit country manor, young woman fuck themselves, each other, and the men in their lives with brutal precision and ritual. Yet there are no ATF agents breaking up their little lovenest, and at no point do we spot a Funyuns bag.

Because this is an overseas cult, even though stateside vixen Skin Diamond is visiting.

While director Gazzman is in real life a whimsical, capering fellow, “The Cult” is a 5-scene onslaught of hard fucking amongst the tapestries and candles with no room for levity. High-foreheaded Romulan Linet Slag is at the vanguard of this purposeful sex-as-ritual, but we do get brief reprieves with voluptuous, all-natural beauties like Valentina, who submits in the nicest possible way to the ministrations of Skin Diamond and Megan Coxxx, a light sheen of sweat shimmering on her white, white breasts.

It is the introductory lesbian scene with these three that I liked the most, as the confluence of three nationalities (Diamond is American, Coxxx is a Brit, and I’m betting Valentina is Czech) was made easier with good old clothespins.

Later on we watch dudes in cassocks being severely dealt with, but in general the advantages of this “Cult” outweigh the disadvantages.

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