“Sinderella” or: y tu Jiz Lee tambien

To see queerporn darling Jiz Lee sitting on the face of a dude was like when I discovered a picture of Robocop riding a unicorn: everything I thought I knew was wrong. Amicable stable boy Wolf Hudson goes where no man has gone before in Nica Noelle’s “Sinderella & Me.”

Studio: Sweet Sinner
Director: Nica Noelle
Starring: Dylan Ryan, Jiz Lee, Allie Haze, Manuel Ferrara, Wolf Hudson,. Darla Crane

Portions of this review originally appeared on Fleshbot.

Allie Haze is the title character in this porn reworking of Cinderella, in which the wicked stepsisters are Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee, the prince is a dotcom billionaire who looks a lot like Manuel Ferrara, and lowly stableboy Wolf Hudson inherits the earth at the end.

As in Kimberly Kane’s “My Own Master,” Wolf Hudson shares an onscreen interlude with an unlikely partner, in this case Jiz Lee, who looks just a little uncertain in this inspired bit of stunt casting.

Other firsts include an actual rat, who serves as Allie Haze’s ball-enabler.

Aside from the sex scenes (both Hudson and Ferrara pull double duty with two scenes each), “Sinderella & Me” is awkwardly paced, even though it is fun to watch Dylan Ryan and Jiz Lee have business together and, in terms of hybrid porn, this one straddles the parody and romance niches easily as well as gives Hudson his second “Y Tu Mama Tambien” moment in as many years.

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