“Slave 05”: Servant of Two Masters

“Slave is to be inspected much like a new mare is examined by a horse trader, then, If deemed satisfactory, she will receive a brutally hard fucking” says the boxcover copy of the latest installment of the deadly serious, occasionally sexy (when it can get out of its own way), and unintentionally hilarious “Slave” series. Do horse traders fuck their horses If deemed satisfactory, and why is “If” capitalized? Was Rudyard Kipling a lifestyle submissive?

Studio: JM Productions
Director: Mike Ramone
Starring: Jennifer White, Jenner, Mike Ramone (as Master Damien)

The lovely Jennifer White signed on to be the submissive of Jenner, but Jenner invited a dude named Master Damien along to try her out. As anyone who has ever had two supervisors at work knows, sometimes the orders can get confusing.

White is being held captive in what appears to be a cluttered middle class home in the San Fernando Valley, so already the stereotype of the hardcore fetishist as compulsively clean and organized is shattered, and for this we owe “Slave 05” a debt of gratitude; even “Superior Males” (as Jenner and Damien are listed in the movie) can be slobs.

Made to crawl from her closet confinement into the master bedroom, White is then commanded to bury her face in Master Damien’s ass, presumably so she can track him if he falls down a well.

Further depradations ensue: when “caught” masturbating without permission, White is made to lick yet another anus. If I were Jenner or Damien in this situation I, too, would feel sullen and vindictive; two strapping superior males in such close proximity and she has to run off to masturbate by the pool?

From a narrative point of view, we must admit that this Master/slave relationship is riddled with plot holes and is probably doomed to failure. Too many cooks! And it does seem that the Master duo is inventing ways for White to screw up so that they may punish her. As such, this “Slave” fails the promise of some of the other entries in the series, and seems to be more playacting than anything else; a couple of guys being mean to a girl rather than a true D/s relationship.

The juicy White cleans the house naked but for a fetching leather apron and do-rag and what do they do? Kick over the trash can and fuck her. Why don’t they just fuck her? I have a feeling she’d have let them.

And, prior to the bootlicking with which she greets her nightly closeting, White is heard to say, “Fuck me like a little slut.” A true submissive wouldn’t be issuing the commands (especially while riding cowgirl).

While this “Slave” is weaker than its predecessors, it is still a well-produced snapshot of a more-or-less real-life scenario that might be happening in your neighborhood, and there is no porn out there that is similar (though Ernest Greene’s “O” movies are better, if lighter, more rule-bound, and less angry than these, and sometimes we just want to be angry).

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  1. I’m tempted to see this for “The lovely Jennifer White” even though I find D/s stuff kind of silly. I did see a preview for ‘Bus stop girls’ with Lexi Belle and Jennifer that looks a lot more fun.

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