"So I says to the guy, I says:"

This emancipated gimp was one of the many delights offered to visitors of Harry Mohney’s Erotic Heritage Museum. I rarely venture of the Strip while in Vegas (I am frightened by the natives and their rites), but this space is a delight for any consumer or scholar of sex culture.

Clearly a labor of love, the Museum hosts several installations, including industrial sex machines from the House of Gord, antique peep shows and stag loops, contemporary and classical erotic art, timelines of cases prominent in the porn/First Amendment debate, Larry Flynt’s old wheelchair, and a stage.

I visited the Museum to watch a performance by the firecracker Jessica Holten of the Punany Poets, presented by Vanessa Blue and Michael Fattorosi, whose eponymous gallery opened upstairs with a Ginger Lynn retrospective.

No trip to the fleshpot’s of Vegas would be complete without a visit to the Erotic Heritage Museum. In fact, there is probably some way to write off your hooker fees if you combine them with a fact-finding mission here.

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