So long for now, Lorelei or: Lorelei Lee’s shocking departure

Lorelei Lee left today on a cross-country road trip to New York, where she will be attending graduate school.

At San Francisco’s Armory, Lee this week directed a scene for the site Wired Pussy that counts as her last paid work before school starts. She’ll be returning now and then on breaks.

Luckily, graduate students don’t have to submit “What I Did This Summer” essays.

“I had to get rid of most of my books,” Lee said. “And I brought some of them to the bookstore down the street.”

“How much did you get?” I said.

“I got a hundred bucks store credit,” she said. “So I can buy more books.”

In the scene “The Girl Next Door,” Lee and Maitresse Madeline play girlfriends who invite well-meaning new neighbor Ashley Jane in for electrocution and torture. Naked electrocution and torture. It was a hot scene in addition to the volts passing through Jane’s trial-sized labia.

“I have a really small pussy,” Jane explained to Lee before the scene. “Please don’t, you know, tear me apart.”

“We’ll take really good care of you,” Lee said, unspooling a length of wire.

More on my visit to, Wired Pussy, and the tearful farewell with Lee is forthcoming, but for now we all wish her a safe journey and warn her about New York’s gangs of predatory college lesbians.

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