Sophie Dee is not going back to Llanelli or: A Tale of two chippies

Sophie Dee

Sophie DeeI’ve always thought Sophie Dee was a little witchy, probably because of her entrancing eyes and the fact that I feel like I’m erecting a henge whenever I talk with her.

Recently I was able to pin her down for an interview – which was difficult because she was covered in baby oil – and we discussed how there is no one like Sophie Dee in Los Angeles.

Gram: How did you choose your porn name?
Sophie Dee: People said I looked like [model] Sophie Dahl.

GP: Speaking of Dahl, you’ve got some giant peaches that are covered with gloop.
SD: I got them eight weeks ago. I’ve got a double D bra and it doesn’t fit.So I guess it’s triple D?

GP: Your look has changed since you arrived in 2005.
SD: A lot of me has changed – my hair, my boobs, my accent –

Sophie DeeGP: Do people act surpised when they hear your voice? It’s very musical.
SD: It used to be a lot more pronounced. Now I think I’m sounding more like L.A. When I first got here people could’t understand me. In fact, I don’t think the first scene I did (with Mr. Marcus) was released because I just didn’t talk at all.

GP: You’re the only person I’ve ever met from Wales –
SD: I’m the only person from Wales I’ve met in Los Angeles! That’s why I think the accent is going away. People think I’m from England.

GP: What was your home town like?
SD: I come from a town called Llanelli (here Dee did something with her mouth that, employed in different circumstances, might summon Cthulhu. The Gaelic Ls in “Llanelli” do not exist in the world as we have come to understand it) where the buses stop running at 7 p.m.

GP: How did people react to your job there?
SD: I came to America to do porn, but even when I was a go-go dancer there people would call me a slag or a whore. People give my father trouble about it.

Sophie DeeGP: But isn’t there anything that makes you homesick?
SD: The chippy.
GP: I’ve got a chippy back home, too.
SD: The chippy is a restaurant that sells fish and chips. I also miss mint sauce on mushy peas.

I think it’s important for us to make Sophie feel as welcome here as possible. I hope to bring some mushy peas to my next oil orgy.

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  1. Great interview, man. Didn't know she's Welsh; I just assumed British. She seems like a cool chick. I wish her the best in life.

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