Stop Looking At Me, Ashli Orion: It’s Tacky If You’re Supposed To Be in Love with That Other Guy

The Hollywood sign with Ashli Orion's ass
The Hollywood sign with Ashli Orion’s ass

Hustler enters the Romance Porn market with “True Love Stories,” and that’s great, but I can’t help but wonder if they’re really in love when all Ashli Orion does is look at me.

That might not be true. The conceit is that women and their boyfriends travel to Hollywood, or agree to marry, and film themselves whilst doing so. Director Ed Nova sets up the scenarios to capture the improvisational spirit of Ashli Orion and Will Powers, and Jacky Joy and Derrick Pierce, each of whom has an easy chemistry with the other.

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It’s nice to see the vivacious Ashli Orion flashing her ass by the Hollywood sign as she and Powers tour the neighborhood on a visit from Oregon. Less believable is the idea that Jacky Joy is the marrying type, although she and Pierce seem pretty happy that day, at least.

Nova lets the actors handle the camera themselves much of the time, and this is both a benefit and a distraction. It looks like we’re watching some sex tapes but we’re also aware that we’ve just paid good money (!) to watch porn performers pretend to be different people and in love.

Looking at the porn-standard back cover photos destroys the illusion entirely, which underlines the fact that we as consumers are always at the ready to suspend our disbelief, so why make it so difficult?

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