Stoya in ancient times or: Everything old is (Best) new (Starlet) again


StoyaIt is true that Stoya won this year’s Best New Starlet award at AVN, but it is also true that she appeared in Winkytiki’s Man’s Ruin in 2007 and JacktheZipper’s Razordolls in 2006.

And don’t say that because those were steveporn movies that it doesn’t count. I believe Stoya’s claim to newness has something to do with her wholesome virginity.

This is not the shocking and incisive journalism readers normally find on this site, the sort of thing that makes you tent your fingers and lower your chin into your turtleneck. No, this is more of a found item.


While cleaning out my file cabinet I found a copy of Man’s Ruin, for which I had recorded a DVD commentary track with Smokin’ Mary Jane in 2006. I never got a copy of the movie, never heard what became of the recording, never got paid, etc., but I still think Octavio “Winkytiki” Arizala is a brilliant photographer. Then, following some unpleasantness with one Eon McKai that resulted in my never receiving Vivid-steve screeners unless I talked with the individual directors personally (and even then I wasn’t allowed on their sets), I finally had to make a special request to be sent Man’s Ruin.

So it arrived and it sat on my shelf for two months. I resolved to watch it and several other movies by the end of 2008, but Life got in the way. Both Milton Bradley’s game Life and a massive box of Life cereal, in fact.


Man’s Ruin‘s space/surf/tech theme is like a cross between Vien Savio’s Shades of Romona and Ron Royster’s Atomic Vixens. All three movies either feature Ava Rose or Justine Joli. Man’s Ruin also has a lot of fun extras, like some public domain anti-porn PSAs. But my commentary track with Smokin’ Mary Jane is not included. Probably because it was too incendiary.

Anyway, I was surprised to see that then-20-year-old Stoya appears in the opening scene with Melodie Gore, cavorting merrily with her trademark animated expressions and delightful demeanor.

Q. But if Stoya appeared in Man’s Ruin and Debbie Loves Dallas (both released in 2007) and Razordolls (released in 2006), how is she the Best New Starlet?
A. Er, I don’t know. Because she was vaginally penetrated with a penis for the first time on film in 2008?


There are so much more important things to worry about than the intellectual integrity of the AVN Awards. For example, you could worry about the intellectual integrity of the XBiz Awards.

Or you could say, “Do I want one of those Jack in the Box egg rolls or three? Can I have two?”

See? You start worrying about things like that and you just can’t stop. Go to sleep. Sleep.

Watch Man’s Ruin now.
Buy Man’s Ruin now.

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  1. Like so many people have said before on other blogs and formus Stoya is good but Tori Black should have won” TORI BLACK was ROBBED!

  2. AVN has long held that the award was based on the bulk of the performer’s work, Stoya having what amounted to a couple of cameos before 2008. Had AVN flip flopped on the subject or otherwise changed the rules for this year alone, I would agree with the contention that Stoya was ineligible but in fairness, her work was consistently better than the others on the list, several having been making movies for over a year.
    (and yes, Tori Black had a decent year but Stoya’s scenes blew her away)

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