Substance Alert: J-Juice

“It’s really got the smell on it,” says Steve Scott, worldwide (and possibly exclusive) distributor of dainty underthings worn by the coquettish and quivering Japanese porn starlets known as AV Girls. “You can smell the J-Juice.”

“J-Juice” is a term Scott coined to describe the authentic DNA on each and every pair of panties he sells at Third World Media, the Canoga Park studio that scours the globe searching for everything from transsexual katoeys from Thailand, Big-assed women from Brazil, hairy prostitutes from Prague, and hoodrats from Los Angeles.

But it is the breadth of content from Japan that Scott is especially passionate about. A fluent Japanese speaker, Scott is ex-military and has visited Japan for years. He returns with treasures like these J-Panties (his term again, and yesterday I found myself referring to sushi as “J-Fish”) and sells them in Third World’s 30-page catalog, stuffed with DVDs of pregnant sex, otherwise heavy sex, midget sex, and very specialty titles like “Cowboys And Shemale Indians.”


Knowing that Adam & Eve’s mail-order catalog is still doing a lot of business in the heartland after a thousand years, I ask Scott who the market is for direct-mail J-wear and related tranny content.

“There’s definitely a link to the past there,” Scott says, noting that Third World’s phone reps find themselves talking to older men, “but we’ve got a lot of stuff you won’t find anywhere else, and that a large but specific group of people enjoy.”

That stuff is Mosaic porn, and it absolutely fascinates me. The Japanese are particular about what they’ll show—no erect penises, no penetration, no vaginas. All of these offending body parts are mosaiced on DVDs originating in Japan, and there are Americans who choose the mosaic because they think it’s sexier.


“I think it has to do with what’s left out,” Scott says, adding that mosaicing is so standard that experienced AV Girls will “act for the mosaic,” doing things like closing their legs slightly so that editors won’t have as difficult a time pixelating their parts.

“Oddly enough,” Scott says, “Japanese magazines will mosaic the vagina but have no problem showing the butthole.”

That takes us back to the J-Panties stained with authentic J-Juice in the J-Bag. A lot of American porn stars buy palletloads of panties to wear and then sell to fans. What makes these panties different?

“You can’t mosaic J-Juice,” Scott says.

“And you didn’t consider ‘Japanties‘?” I ask.


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