“Sunny’s Flying Pink Pig”: Filling Might Be Hot

Here’s a high concept: What if, out of L.A.’s new fleet of high-end food trucks, there was one that delivered both gourmet meals and five women who just want to fuck you?

“I saw this Flying Pig truck on the way home from yoga, pulled over, and asked them if I could use the truck for a movie,” said director Erica McLean, “and they said Yes. They were very nice.”

Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, not everyone can approach a business in L.A. County and get taken up on an offer to let Nicki Hunter and Sunny Lane fuck in one of its vehicles, but Erica McLean, the fairylike high porn priestess from horse country, isn’t everyone.

“They were really excited to have their truck in my movie,” McLean said, hovering slightly above the earth.

Thus “Sunny’s Flying Pink Pig” was born. Sunny Lane plays the proprietress of a food and sex delivery service who must charm Nick Manning, thwart Ron Jeremy, and survive Nicki Hunter’s treachery in order to continue doing what she loves, including presenting Emy Reyes as the ultimate Happy Meal.

The first of a planned trilogy, “Pink Pig” is one of those rare recent porn movies that moves around Los Angeles. The crew spent two days filming the truck from downtown L.A. and the 10 freeway to the exotic wilds of Sunland, where McLean owns a ranch that she shared with her late husband, Clive, who founded the “Barely Legal” series.

McLean maintains a stable on the ranch, fulfilling Prince’s prophecy “The horses wonder who you are.”

“[Distributors] asked me if I was going to do a hundred of these,” McLean said, “but three is good. I don’t want to wear it out.”

To that end, each installment of the trilogy will feature the further and escalating adventures of a rotating cast, with Sunny facing greater pressures each time. I have not written the last two installments yet, but I know that Lane will relieve those pressures with her vagina.

On the set Lane, her secret nemesis Hunter, and Shayla LaVeaux padded around a sunlit house in various stages of undress. Outside, Emy Reyes battled the 102-degree heat by stripping nearly naked and spritzing herself with water. The crew were all veterans, many of them members of AVN’s Hall of Fame. They regarded the nudity through the eyes of professionals.

“Gotta light her tits better, because she’s so dark already,” said cameraman Barry Wood, his British accent making even the filthiest things sound aristocratic. “And stick your ass out a little, darling.”

“Point the moaning out a little,” suggested sound guy Jace Rocker to Shayla LaVeaux. “The orgasm sounds muffled.”

Stills photographer Chris King provided an expert meta-commentary on the porn industry as he snapped thousands of photos.

“Finger in the mouth, now finger on the tongue,” he directed Lane. “And now, as if by magic, the top comes off. And there go the bottoms. How does that happen. Ass goes out, and then it comes in. Wonderful to behold. Now spread the labe…”

At times it can be difficult to spot the sex on a porn set, as there might be dozens of people attached to the production. But McLean was also shooting a masturbation video in another part of the house, in which Cytherea squirted this way and that, so it became easier.

Lane, who is also starring in McLean’s “Alice XXX,” is showing up in lots of movies lately, including Dreamzone’s “Sex And the City” parody.

“It’s a privilege when you get to work with people you like,” said Lane. “And I love Erica.”

But it was hot. McLean’s six dogs wandered around the house and flopped in cool places, heedless of what human exertions may have taken place there.

“Bow wow,” said Diego, a large dog, right after Nick Manning dropped a load on Lane and LaVeaux’s expectant faces. But Manning refrained from using his signature line “Dropping loads!” at this point, preferring the subtler “Cock Slaves!

Outside, the Flying Pig truck (now affixed with a logo magnet reading “Flying Pink Pig”) was being prepped for a double penetration Nicki Hunter would be hosting.

“Naturally, we remove the food and wipe down all surfaces,” said Hunter.

At a time when porn productions are seeking every revenue stream and strategic partnership, McLean has captured the zeitgeist by attaching her movie to one of L.A.’s hottest trends, wisely determining that gay marriage had little pornographic potential.

Still, I felt it was important to tell her that I couldn’t just go up to the Kogi truck and ask to shoot porn on it, that McLean must have something special to pull off such a request.

“Well, I like to think I’m a nice person,” she said.

Watch my random impressions from the set of “Sunny’s Flying Pink Pig” below:

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  1. Ah, Sunny Lane… she’s the only one of two pornstArs I’ve ever crushed on (the first being Nikki Dial some 15+ years ago). She’s awesome.

    Y’know, showing those old Barely Legal boxes brings to mind a question I’ve had since I bought my first porn back in ’92 or so: Why are porn boxes so goddamn big? Those things take up space like no one’s business.

  2. I always assumed the huge boxes were related to some mafia kickback in the form of plastic casing factories, but fact is, you NEVER, EVER held on to the boxes…this stuff is, de facto, to be hidden, always, by its consumer (I can’t think of too many other cases–hemmorhoid cream?–where this is the case). Keeping the boxes is the equivalent now of naming your porn folder “OH NO! A NEGRO FUCKED MY MOM! VOLUME 4” and leaving it on your desktop.

    Anyway, Sunny Lane put me off when she first came on because it seemed like she talked about being in porn much more than actually being in porn (kinda like Clayra Beau now–get off twitter already), and that 20/20 or whatever with her own father ogling her ass was a bit much, but she’s gotten better the more prolific she became through the years and I think I’ve managed to wipe the image of her father’s beaming face from my mind. Beautiful face, amazing body, seems to lack the crazy/the “whorish” (as it were): maybe even underrated at this point.

  3. By the way, your “Alice XXX” mention just sent me off in a drunken but ultimately fruitless pursuit of footage of Sunny getting her grits kissed by a Linda Lavin-lookalike:


    Hey, if porn can make Carla from Cheers sexually appealing, all bets are off.

    Things are indeed great when you stand on your own two feet.

  4. I always assumed the large porn boxes were used to allow for large box cover photos that would reel in the porn monger at the local video store.

    I fondly remember browsing through the boxes at a local West Bank, Mpls pornarium (now long since closed), carefully making my decisions, usually based on the box cover. The process was often as fun as the actual viewing experience.

  5. Thanks for that comment! It seems so obvious that the large boxes were for added eye candy that I just assumed there must be some other reason that wasn’t as exciting. I mean, what worked for porn should also work for mainstream movies. Why weren’t the Disney VHS reissues that much bigger? About to talk with an old-timer about this.

  6. @DirtyDan: Yeah, that makes all kinds of sense. @G: Disney’s just… Disney… and what they do for $$$ shouldn’t be lumped in with what others do. I’m thinking they were aiming those huge cabinet-busting cases at the collectors and people (read: women) that like to feel they’re getting their money’s worth for buying such packaging with their movies.

  7. Shit, JR, find me some more work and I’ll lay off the tweets 🙂 To be honest, in this economy, out of sight is out of mind. I could “get off twitter”, but what would that get me? The economy is in the tank and I’m not based out of LA, so it’s doubly difficult to get booked, but on the plus side, some random dude is bitching about me somewhere, so my name’s getting out there in spite of the tough market…

    And on topic, Sunny IS ultra hot and a super sweet gal. I’d fuck her in a heart beat…

  8. Dear Clayra, my life has been the poorer, I think, since I only learned of you at this moment. I agree with JR that overtweeting somehow puts people off, but, as you yourself have proven, now many more people know about you and can give you work, potentially. Best of luck! Hope to see you when you come to L.A.

  9. From memory
    (My mind is as Sharples as a tack):

    I used to be sad, I used to be shy
    Funniest thing (the saddest part) is I never knew why
    Kicking myself for nothing was my favorite sport
    I had to get out and start enjoying
    Because life’s TOO SHORT

    There’s a new girl in town
    And I’m feelin’ good
    Got a song, got a smile
    For the neighborhood

    (JR solo)
    And this girl’s here to stay!
    With some luck, this love life’s gonna be:
    So SWEET

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