Swingers: They’re not just in your rec room anymore

I am your friend, and I say this to help you, no matter how difficult it will be to hear: Most porn that has “lesbians” in the title doesn’t feature actual lesbians. They are what as known in the adult industry as “lesbians for pay” and are often shunned. The same goes for “schoolgirls,” “MILFs” (as you well know), and “wives.”

That is why I intrinsically trust “A Real Swinger’s Orgy” because it cares enough to stress the word “Real.” I feel the same about Real California Cheese.

“A Real Swinger’s Orgy” follows the travails of Peter, a wealthy San Franciscan whose problem is not furnishing talented fellationists, fisters, and fornicators for his fete, but getting the room ready in time.

Which he does. And a good thing, too, because pornography about crushed ambitions would be too on the nose.

Because liberal San Francisco is still a mystery to me (though I’m heading up this weekend for the 30th annual Exotic Erotic Ball), I did not recognize two standouts among the cast. Both were hippy redheads named Sarah Shevon and Bella Rossi. They were adorable.

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