Jizz, Jiz to be streaming at birthday party orgy

If anyone could be called the Sweetheart of San Francisco, it would be queer pornstress Jiz Lee, who is celebrating her birthday this Saturday with a bang.

“I’m having an orgy on 10/30 for my 30th birthday,” she said, “and it’s going to stream online.”

To paraphrase the Most Interesting Man in the World, I don’t watch a lot of queer porn, but when I do, it tends to have been directed by either Shine Louise Houston or Madison Young, and more often than not it has Jiz Lee in it.

I first saw Lee in Young’s “Layover,” in which Lee played a variation of Dustin Hoffman’s character in “The Graduate.” Since then Lee has appeared in numerous San Francisco-centric productions, including several episodes of Shine Louise Houston’s trippy, creepy, paranoiac “Crash Pad” series.

Saturday’s orgy will stream live at CrashPadSeries.com from 3-5 PST. Crash Pad Series is a membership site, so fans who are not already members must surrender $35 to see Lee cavort with the likes of ringers Princess Donna, Arabelle Raphael, Mickey Mod, Billy Castro, Sophia St. James, Maxine Holloway, Maya Mayhem, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Briar, Wilder, Wings, Micah Riot, Juliette Stray, 9, James Darling, Cyd Loverboy, Leo, Ash, Chase, Bella Rossi, Marlo Davis, Vid Tuesday, Chocolate Chip, Vai, Cinnamon, Brooklyn Flaco, Nenna, Tucker Saxon, Jobe the Fallen, Tina Horn, and Roger Wood as well as many more of Lee’s birthday guests.

I bumped into Lee at Annie Sprinkle’s and Beth Stephens’ wedding and asked about orgy attendance.

“I invited about 40 people,” she said. “I’m hoping about 30 people will show up, otherwise it will be very crowded. But I think everyone is coming.” God I hope so.

“It will be like herding cats,” I said.

“I think what we’re going to do is encourage people to jump in and jump out,” she said. “For air.”

It is as if the humble Crash Pad will be transformed into the happiest place on Earth, a veritable JizLeeland with just as many cameras.

Aside from the delightful Princess Donna, Bella Rossi, and Tina Horn, I don’t know too many people in Lee’s birthday party, but I’m sure they’re nice if they’re Jiz Lee’s friends.

I was genetically predisposed to like Jiz Lee. My high school prom date, who happened to be a Mormon and was named Jennifer, was given the unfortunate nickname “Jizzy” by her parents. I was mentally unprepared at that moment in my life to tell her parents that “Jizzy” was not the wholesome endearment they thought it was.

And such was my obliviousness at the time that actually making Jennifer jizzy for real did not cross my mind.

We have so much to make up for.

In any case, lube and other safe sex birthday accoutrements will be provided by Good Vibrations, but Jiz will be the icing on the cake.

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Degenerates invited to become pornographers in San Francisco

Good Vibrations has announced its third annual Independent Erotic Film Festival (GVIXFF), in which movies that run the gamut from blushing and tender examinations of sexual awakening to filthy hardcore fistfuckingfests will compete in San Francisco for $1500 in cash and prizes.

The IXFF is “the hottest platform for new “degenerate” art in San Francisco,” said filmmaker Nara Denning and, with a 7-minute limit (which I think is a perfect time for a porn movie or any kind of relationship), the evening is an event of great sexual ferocity.

As with all of San Francisco’s public functions, the IXFF will feature plenty of attendant drag queens, live sex shows, raunchy music, free-flowing alcohol, visiting porn stars, and debauchery.

The IXFF returns to the Castro Theatre on September 23. The deadline for submissions is June 30.

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