Julie Simone, A Woman: Women Spanking Women—Good for Women?

Julie Simone
As much as I try to explain porn to anyone else, I try to explain it to myself. Earlier this year I was on the set of a production that will probably end up costing a quarter of a million bucks (which is a lot for porn, even though it is just pennies to me, as I am rich, Rich, RICH). Will it be any better than other porn movies? Sure, if you judge porn movies by Hollywood standards, this porn movie will be way more like a Hollywood movie than other porn movies. But if people watch porn movies to jerk off or otherwise become sexually excited and/or romantically inclined, it will probably be as effective or less effective than other porn movies.

Then there’s Julie Simone’s “Fem/Fem Spankings.” This was a delightful movie that I feel could have been financed by cashing in the empties in my garage. Yet it delivers everything it promises.

The premise is that three dominatrices, who talk a big game when telling men what they’re going to do to them (Simone’s monologue, delivered dead-eyed to the camera: “You need your ass to be bvruised and welted and bloody because you have been seriously fucking up. I’ll spank it ’til I’m satisfied. It’s not about you.I hope [the paddle] breaks over your ass, and then you’ll pay for every one you’ve broken”) are themselves taken to task for some bratty infraction.

Julie Simone

Simone, for example, is spanked by the hilarious New York I-talian Kelly Payne (Simone: “She’s amazing and has won the AVN award for Best Spanking video multiple times”), who is angry with Simone for eating “12 plates of food.” Payne spanks Simone’s ass until it is a deep pink.

Eden Alexander will also wreck your life as a dominatrix, but when she lackadaisically performs her duties as a housecleaner, Elena DeLuca spanks her most harshly.

Julie Simone

The fun thing about the movie is that all of the bottoms are so goddamn bratty that spanking them seems like the right thing to do on a humanitarian level. That each character in the exchange seems to take a deep carnal satisfaction in the proceedings is gravy.

Then Simone washes out naughty schoolgirl Nikki Sebastian’s mouth with soap in front of a Highlites map of the world.

Fetish videos often feature improvised dialogue, and I think the level of physical violence involved really bring out some gems (A Joe Gallant/Julie Simone video a few years ago is a favorite), full of context, humor, personal history, and pain.

Gram: People have safewords when the action gets too heavy. Did you ever have to stop the dialogue?

Simone: I used to have to stop Aiden Starr all the time because she would take scenes in a direction not in line with my vision. I’m really not into potty mouthed vulgar Dommes, it’s such a turn off. I once had to edit a Behind the Scenes interview of a model who said she realized she liked women when her babysitter touched her!

Gram: You spank women and you get spanked. Are there advantages to keeping it same sex? In your pro-dom world, do you ever book sessions domming other women?

Simone: The men that have spanked me have seemed less aware of what I was feeling or where I was in the scene. I rarely felt a connection. Most women seem to be more in tune, though that may be more because I only sub to women I know well and with whom I have a rapport. I have never booked a session where I dommed another woman but Bella Vendetta does them all the time. Women don’t generally need to pay for such things.

Julie Simone

Gram: That and drinks. Finally, spanking can be the appetizer or the main course in a relationship where two people love each other very much. Can you think of scenarios where it is better as one or the other?

Simone: It’s a matter of personal preference. For many the fetish activity IS the sex. Having regular sex on top of it would be redundant and probably boring. It’s hard for me to think of scenarios where it would be the appetizer or prelude because I don’t view BDSM and fetish that way. I can only think of two exceptions and the sex and fetish would happen at the same time versus one after the other – smoking fetish and heavy rubber (which I usually pair together for extra intensity).

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“Gagged” Order: Help Julie Simone Stuff Your Mouth with Truth

Julie Simone looks like trouble
Julie Simone looks like trouble

“I like mouths and lips,” says Julie Simone, about to publish “Gagged,” her first book of fetish photography. “And I like keeping them quiet.”

Simone is an AVN Hall of Fame performer/director who for 15 years has been creatively getting in the faces of fetish models, whether with her acclaimed smoking videos, oral restraints, or simply a mouth full of clothespins.

“Faces are erotic,” she says. “Especially mouths.”

Gagged The Book

At 100 pages, “Gagged” is an erotic exercise in plugging that hole in our faces where the sound comes out. Featuring 100 pages and 3 dozen models (including Madison Young, Rubber Necro, and Jewell Marceau), the tome is a conversation piece about people whose lips are sealed professionally. The indiegogo campaign features several tiers of support, with rewards ranging from DVDs to a 4-hour bondage class with Simone.

Simone just turned 40, and “Gagged,” in the final week of an indiegogo campaign, features friends and colleagues from the past 15 years of her career. It is hard to imagine Simone at 25 as some dewy submissive — especially as she makes her way through Bar Sinister night in Hollywood, daring people to mess with her — but yes, she says, the picture has changed over the last decade and a half.

“As an artist I’ve come full circle,” she says. “At first I was taking very arty ‘light and shadow’ fetish pictures, then I felt the need to make them more commercial. Now I’m getting arty again.”

Simone travels to fetish events across the United States and Europe, and explains gagging in terms of process, statement, and hardware.

“I choose the gag,” she says, “because one gag might not be right for another person.”

In her foreword, model Bella Vendetta describes what’s in it for both gagger and gaggee:

Pain, humiliation, having the truth stuffed into our mouths, our lips sewn shut, our mouth made into tools for another’s amusement


“Is that really the way you feel?” I ask Simone at the bar, oldschool Sisters of Mercy rattling my fillings.

“I like it when they’re quiet,” she says.

Help Fund “Gagged” here

“Foot Fetish Sluts” make you wait for the other shoe to drop

or: Summer Cummings toes the ‘gine.

Why do some people fetishize feet? I don’t know. I tend to like everything north of them. That said, Julie Simone’s “Foot Fetish Sluts” features several women who, even if they don’t know what the big deal is about feet, either, at least know that you like them. You Pervert. Continue reading “Foot Fetish Sluts” make you wait for the other shoe to drop