“Gagged” Order: Help Julie Simone Stuff Your Mouth with Truth

Julie Simone looks like trouble
Julie Simone looks like trouble

“I like mouths and lips,” says Julie Simone, about to publish “Gagged,” her first book of fetish photography. “And I like keeping them quiet.”

Simone is an AVN Hall of Fame performer/director who for 15 years has been creatively getting in the faces of fetish models, whether with her acclaimed smoking videos, oral restraints, or simply a mouth full of clothespins.

“Faces are erotic,” she says. “Especially mouths.”

Gagged The Book

At 100 pages, “Gagged” is an erotic exercise in plugging that hole in our faces where the sound comes out. Featuring 100 pages and 3 dozen models (including Madison Young, Rubber Necro, and Jewell Marceau), the tome is a conversation piece about people whose lips are sealed professionally. The indiegogo campaign features several tiers of support, with rewards ranging from DVDs to a 4-hour bondage class with Simone.

Simone just turned 40, and “Gagged,” in the final week of an indiegogo campaign, features friends and colleagues from the past 15 years of her career. It is hard to imagine Simone at 25 as some dewy submissive — especially as she makes her way through Bar Sinister night in Hollywood, daring people to mess with her — but yes, she says, the picture has changed over the last decade and a half.

“As an artist I’ve come full circle,” she says. “At first I was taking very arty ‘light and shadow’ fetish pictures, then I felt the need to make them more commercial. Now I’m getting arty again.”

Simone travels to fetish events across the United States and Europe, and explains gagging in terms of process, statement, and hardware.

“I choose the gag,” she says, “because one gag might not be right for another person.”

In her foreword, model Bella Vendetta describes what’s in it for both gagger and gaggee:

Pain, humiliation, having the truth stuffed into our mouths, our lips sewn shut, our mouth made into tools for another’s amusement


“Is that really the way you feel?” I ask Simone at the bar, oldschool Sisters of Mercy rattling my fillings.

“I like it when they’re quiet,” she says.

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“Foot Fetish Sluts” make you wait for the other shoe to drop

or: Summer Cummings toes the ‘gine.

Why do some people fetishize feet? I don’t know. I tend to like everything north of them. That said, Julie Simone’s “Foot Fetish Sluts” features several women who, even if they don’t know what the big deal is about feet, either, at least know that you like them. You Pervert. Continue reading “Foot Fetish Sluts” make you wait for the other shoe to drop

Eros Day to honor randy planetoid

The naked hippies freakout that is Eros Day returns to Susan Block’s Speakeasy on Saturday night, January 22, an annual celebration that for a dozen years has combined porn with theatre, swingers, groovy academics, creeps, and the curious to bring a little of the Bay Area to mercenary Los Angeles, if just for a little while.

The holiday of Eros Day is celebrated every year on and around January 22 when the planetoid 433-EROS spins closest to Earth. Eros the “planetoid,” or large asteroid, was discovered by Dr. Carl Gustav Witt in 1898. If “size matters,” Eros measures 25.3 by 9.1 by 8.8 miles, making it one of the most elongated planetoids in our solar system, the better to penetrate our hearts, and other metaphorical organs–especially when it is closest to us on January 22.

When a planetoid the size of Martha’s Vineyard travels so close to us, we can’t but hope that the salmon hatcheries that are our libidos might be ravished by the Great White Shark of Knowledge and Self Expression. Or something.

Special Guest at Eros Day 2011 will be Eros Day founder Lasse Braun’s son, Axel Braun, winner of multiple AVN 2011 Awards for his Batman XXX parody and This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D, recently joining his revolutionary dad in the AVN Hall of Fame. Other erotic stars who have confirmed for Eros Day include Cadence St. John, RubberNecro, Zoe Holloway, Keni Styles, Lily Cade, Sinn Sage, Paris Kennedy, Amber Berlin, Chastity Lynn, Scott Lyons, Snow Mercy, Ron Jeremy, Ginny Blossom, Kat, Lilo, Toy, The Porn Klown Posse and more coming in as Eros Day approaches.

In the porn world it is often easy to miss the erotica for the Fake Internal Popshot, so it will be fun and perhaps even educational to watch a group performing for a different audience.

All profits will go to bonobo dismemberment empowerment.

For more information, click here.

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