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Do the Right Thing: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone 2”

March 1, 2010 Gram the Man 1

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck Alone 2” would make it seem, if it were seen by an alien or the Google-free Chinese, that only women with tattoos and/or pink hair have sex. They would also wonder if James Deen made a deal with the devil to get not only Joanna Angel but also every tatted and phosphorescent vixen who walked into the house.

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One year ago today

October 12, 2008 Gram the Man 0

2007 was my year of porn feuds. Within the course of six months I offended two remarkably similar people who retaliated in different ways. I […]

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September 1, 2008 Gram the Man 1

Studio: Vivid-AltDirector: Benny ProfaneCast: Mandy Morbid, Zak Sabbath, Caroline Pierce, Benny Profane, Sochee Mala, Coco Velvett, Marie McCrae Mandy Morbid wakes up, pantsless, in a […]

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Sassy gets gassy

July 25, 2008 Gram the Man 2

While I don’t usually cover Las Vegas filling station events, not only is the opportunity to write the headline Sassy Gets Gassy too hard to […]