Zoe Voss: Hard to be “Minnesota Nice” in a gangbang

Between Zoe Voss, Garrison Keillor, Prince, and Al Franken, could you ever imagine a nicer state than Minnesota? Well, the model-elegant Voss says that there is an intrinsic conflict between the “Minnesota Nice” ideals with which she was raised and the pornish necessities of, say, a gangbang.

“I didn’t know people talked to each other that way,” Voss said. “But I learned a lot of things on the job.”

During our interview at the Adult Entertainment Expo, I asked Voss about another aspect of the Minnsota/Porn Valley culture shock: that of Internet Crazies.

“That has been a huge surprise,” she said, “But I’m still glad I got someone to take care of my cat.”

Quick: Can you think of other porn redheads? Off the top of my head, I thought of Voss, April Flores, Justine Joli, and Vixen Vogel. Fifty percent of them come from Minnesota! (This proves nothing.)

While Voss seemed incredulous that I had never participated in a gangbang, she was gracious enough to answer my question about what it must be like to be a gangbang surface.

“There’s a lot of me to go around,” she said.

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Justine Joli’s Paddy’s Day Carpet Munching

Because it is St. Patrick’s Day I thought Justine Joli was talking about U2’s Bono when she mentioned the genital stimulation of certain monkeys. It’s an honest mistake.

I almost ran over Joli with my car, so surprised was I to encounter her 3,000 miles away from where she lives. Luck of the Irish.

“There is such a thing as air travel, Grams,” she said.

“The farther one travels, the less one knows,” I said, levitating slightly above her and gazing at her nipples with my third eye. “The less one really knows.”

Anyway, in a short conversation we managed to talk about trends in lesbian labeling, primatology, and Italians, all while carefully not talking about the mattress we passed which seemed to have a bloody gunshot wound in it.

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