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Nina Hartley’s Great Sex During Pregnancy

Studio: Adam & EveDirector: Ernest GreeneCast: Nina Hartley, Violet Blue, Tiffany Mynx, Dick Danger Like she does in her other educational videos, Hartley makes sure to dress up so that the talking head portion is doubly compelling, paving the way for lab sessions. Violet Blue (the porn star, not the porn writer), eight months pregnant at the time, said that massages and cunnilingus were always welcome, but that rubbing swollen ankles might induce labor and that, in general, it is

Sex on the Nest with Nina Hartley, and some more masturbation

I love pregnant women. That is why I am so intent on creating them. But National Treasure Nina Hartley, who trained as a midwife before embarking on a career in a different service industry, declares that the road to MILFhood can be both bumpy and delightful. In her Great Sex During Pregnancy DVD, Hartley (who has not been pregnant herself) moderates as two glowing porn stars share their favorite on-the-nest tips and positions. Hartley is joined by Violet Blue and

Theresa Flynt featured in Oprah Magazine

Hustler Hollywood creator, LFP video marketing director, and Larry Flynt scion Theresa Flynt is featured in this month’s Oprah magazine in an article penned by my pal The Original Violet Blue. The article is titled “Eyes Wide Open” but I cannot find it online. A search on Oprah’s site (we are on a first-name basis) reveals another article titled “Eyes Wide Open”, but that’s about insomnia. In the article, Flynt extols the quality of Hustler products and Blue debunks the